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Think I'll be saying goodbye, guys

Hi Guys,

Well, to the few of us that are left, I'm afraid I won't be in here much any more- and I think its the same for quite a few others, looking at how quiet it has been.

I just can't get on with the new layout and find it difficult to get to my favourite threads.  Pah!  Why can't they just leave things the way they were- it was only just changed a while ago!!

Anyway,  thank you all for the support and advise.  Its been a godsend and I wish you all health and happiness for the remainder of your 9 months......and beyond!! xxxx


  • Hi WindyMilleruk1,

    I'm gatecrashing from DINov but just wanted to say I can't say I blame you.  The new look BE is rubbish and I far prefer the old layout - whatever happened to 'if it aint broke don't fix it!'

    Anyway, you have given me loads of support and advice so thank you and I wish you a very happy and healthy few more months before your baby arrives, enjoy every second. XxX

  • Sorry to hear that Windy. I've got used to it now, and Sean showed me how to find the threads I follow - can press view unread posts at the top of the thread. The Facebook page is very busy. I know you said you you don't do FB, but can just go on secret group, and no one else can see the posts. Good Luck and come back to do a quick birth announcement if you can. I'm due around the same time as you image Lu xxxx
  • Hey Windy,

    I'm kinda feeling the same, it's so quiet in here... image i still don't really want to use FB, I only have close friends on my FB and don't really want to open it up for a DIA group... just me being freakishly cautious I guess. If you wanted to stay in touch by email - just PM me and maybe we can stay in touch that was as it seems to be only us left in DIA!

    Either way, stay healthy and happy and come back with a BA in due course image Would love to hear that all went well for you.

    CeeLou xx

  • You only have to be friends with one person from the FB group, do they can add you, and pays don't appear on your newsfeed then too. It's fine, there's loads of people and lots of tips! I like it on here, just very quiet x Lu xxxx
  • 'posts' not 'pays'!! Lu x
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