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Anyone still schecing in?


I just thught I'd see if anyone was still checking in here...? We are all rapidly approaching our due date and thought it would be nice to reconnect.

Lots of love



  • Hi Ceelou. Yes, I keep checking every few days image How are you? I have three weeks left at work - can't wait to put my feet up, bump is growing rapidly and not getting much sleep, but I feel well. Lovely to hear from you.

    Lu xx
  • Hey Lu

    Yay - I'm not alone!image I am doing really well. Still got 6 weeks at work, which is fine by me as I love my job and not too huge yet so it's easy enough to get around. You must be so excited to finish up though image

    This week my sleep has been a bit disturned - apparently it's our bodies preparing us for sleepless nights! Personally I'd prefer to stoc up on sleep now but c'est la vie!

    Do you know what you are having? How is the bursery coming along etc?


  • Hi Ceelou

    Yes, not getting enough sleep!  I'm thinking of getting a dreamgenii body pillow, which you can use afterwards for supporting baby whilst breastfeeding - have you tried anything like that??

    We don't know what we are having as the baby's cord was between its legs at the 20 week scan - shy like its daddy he says!!  Hubby was keen to know what he was letting himself in for, but it will be a nice suprise now!  Did you say previously you are having a boy?

    We've been buying loads of stuff for the nursery, but can't decorate yet until the bathroom is finished - so it will be another job for mat leave!  I love my job (speech and lang therapist) too, but I'm feeling under pressure to get everything finished and I also have a masters assignment to be in for Monday (last one for a year!!).  What do you do?

    Take care image

    Lu xx

  • Hi Lu,

    I have a 5ft body pillow - long sausage like thing and it's fabulous! It props up the bump, supports my knees and generally helps me sleep image

    We are having a boy... I was so convinced it was a girl that I'm glad I know or the poor thing would be in pink! It must be so exciting thought - not knowing - in a way I wish we had the surprise but I'm not sorry we know. Do you get another scan? My hospital do one at 34 weeks so I get to see him again in 2 weeks!

    Your job sounds interesting - I work in PR for a cosmetics company and I love it image I work on a global basis so get to travel a but which is a lot of fun, but even my day to day job is fun image

    Are you doing ante-natal classes? Mine start next week with the NCT - i am actually looking forward to them! They do meet ups too so I get to meet other mummies-to-be in th area. Where do you live Lu?

    Our nusery is getting there but I still have a head full of things that we don't have - moses babsket, nursing nighties, maternity pads etc - God it's glamourous!


  • Body pillow sounds good xx I've to a v shape one now, it's ok, but not long enough xxx

    It'll be exciting to see your little boy again. I don't get another scan. Antenatal starts tomorrow. we live in Macclesfield in Cheshire. Where are you?

    Your job sounds fab with all the travel. How long will you have off for mat leave?

    Lu xx
  • Ooo let me know how your ante natal goes! I am excited for mine but the reality of impending birth is a little terrifying!

    I'm in London and I love city life, although both hubby and I were raised in the country so it will be odd raising our little one in the city but we'll figure it out as we go.

    I'm planning on taking 9 months mat leave but will really have to wait and see how it all goes. What about you?

  • Hello, I still look in every now and then.  Glad to hear you ladies are doing fine!  Ive got 3 weeks to go at work I finish 20th July and baby due 9 th august.  Can't wait to finish, Im just so tired by lunchtime.  Im a special needs teacher so can't just have a quiet afternoon ha ha.  Both your jobs sound interesting!  I like my job but am looking forward to some time off and hoping to take 12 months off. We've been trying to pay overdrafts etc off so hopefully should manage!

    Good luck with your antenatal classes.  We started ours on Tuesday and it was better than I thought!  Take care ladies we've not long left now, can't believe how quick the time has flown! x

  • Wow Poopy that seems late to finish, is it because that's the end of term? I'm struggling to get everything done ready to finish next Friday. I have annual leave then mat leave. I'm hoping to have 10months off in total.

    On the other hand, I have been washing baby clothes ready for the hospital bags - little socks are sooo cute!

    Antenatal was good, although seemed very odd seeing hubby in that environment! Was pretty basic, but good advice about the early signs of labour, what to do etc.

    Take care

    Lu xxx
  • Hello!  Yes it late to finish but as a teacher and all our school we don't have annual leave to tag onto to mat leave.  Also if I go right to the end of term I can put 6th Aug as my official start of mat leave so it gets me a few extra weeks of pay.  Im planning to take 11 months off and go back the beg of July so will only have to work a couple af weeks then its the 6 weeks hols!  I am getting tired but starting to wind down ( although don't tell my boss that ha ha)

    Aw its nice washing all the little clothes isn't it!  Glad you enjoyed antenatal, i find it odd as well seeing my OH in that situation its just not him although he thinks its ok and finding it interesting!  Think its panicing him as well ha ha x take care enjoy your time off when it comes x

  • That was meant to say all our schools holidays!

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