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Baby due next week - new to site

Hi everybody,

I'm new to the site and was just wondering if there was anyone else coming up to their due date? I think I might be a little late to join the due August 2012 group as I've only got a week to go!? I'm very excited but as a first time mum to be it all feels very surreal and I'm not sure what to expect!? Any tips?


  • Hi Buzzy Bee. Not on here much as there is a very busy Facebook group for due in July, August, september. Let me know if you'd like to join, it's a great group. I'm due today so just in front of you.

    How are you feeling? Have you had a good pregnancy? It's my second and it's surreal for me too. X
  • Hi Tashua,

    I'm feeling pretty good apart from the usual aches and pains! Glad to hear that it's not just me finding the whole thing surreal! How are you feeling?

    Thanks for the facebook tip, I've just joined (I think)!

    Good luck with everything!



  • Can't see that you've joined it, if you're on it I'm the only Natasha and have a pic of my daughter with a pink hat on. If not, pm me your name and will find you, friend you and then invite you. Can always unfriend me after. X
  • G/C but wanted to welcome you to the site & wish you luck as you near your due date.  Every pregnancy/birth is different & whether it's your 1st, 2nd, 3rd or more you'll be feeling both joy & nerves nearing your due date.

    If you haven't got your hospital bag packed, do so asap, babies have their own schedules for arrival.  Don't pin your due date as baby's arrival, alas very few arrive when they are 'dated', allow 2wks either side for baby to appear.

    Other than that, best wishes & good luck

  • Hi sorry to gatecrash but I was trying to find the due in july, august, september group but can't find it on facebook.  Could you let me know how to find it or add me.  I'm Lisa Hetherington (picture of me and my husband as my profile pic).


  • Ha! What a pair, Now a Mrs, can't find it and I've joined the wrong one! Thanks Tashua how do I private message you on here (sorry totally crap with technology)? Hopefully I'll be able to see you both on the facebook site soon! Thanks for the tip KazzieM, I've just finished packing my hospital bag! xx


  • It's a brilliant group! Thanks for adding me Tashua! Now a Mrs I have messaged you on facebook I think? If you let me know it's you I will add you.



  • Sorry Now a Mrs, just seen your message. If you have any probs, let me know and will add you but I'm sure BuzzyBee will be able to x
  • Welcome BuzzyBee. I'm due on 18th Aug ith my first. Now-a-Mrs - did you manage to find FB group? It's fab. Lu xx
  • Buzzybee I don't think it was me you messaged as I haven't receive it image. I am from Cheltenham and the pic is me on the right of my hubby wearing a grey dress if that helps.  Thank you

  • Now a Mrs I can't find you! Will private message you on here and you can add me instead.


  • Thanks Lu,

    Just read your message. I'm loving the facebook group! xxx


  • Now a Mrs, have sent you a message to join the fb group x
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