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is my son the only one

hiya just wanted to know is my son the only one dat still cant roll over he can sit up on his own but only for a few mins then falls on his face feel like he is really behind all of the other august babies :?


  • Hi

    My boy is sitting unaided and rolls both ways. Remember all babies develope at a different rate. I expect your son will surprise you soon enough1 x
  • Jason has reached all his milestones really early but my hv said she doesn't expect babies to be sitting and rolling till between 7 and 8 months. If you are worried have a chat with your hv and she can reassure you. I really wouldn't worry though. Just give him plenty of time on the floor with his toys and he'll get there on his own. Jason doesn't have a walker or bouncer or anything because I think they can delay physical development a bit.
  • I think it's just that baby boys take their time with these things whereas girls tend to be in a rush! Think it's quite common that girls tend to reach the milestones earlier but they all get there in the end. I'd wait and see where he's at when he's 9 months, isn't that the next HV check?? If you're still a bit concerned then, then see what the HV thinks x
  • Hi hun, please don't worry, some babies never roll,my first son didn't roll until 9 months, and then rolled everywhere and didn't crawl til 11 months! and the fact he is sitting for a little while is great, he is just strengthing his muscles. Max rolls but is also very wobbly sitting up for too long! I worried about DS1 all the time as he was slightly later hitting his milestones, but they get there eventually so although much easier said that done try not to compare. IF you are still worried a little chat to your health visitor will reassure you x xx
  • Rolling isn't a milestone they need to reach hun so I wouldn't worry! Sophia can roll front to back really easily and does it without meaning to (I can tell by her confused look of 'how the hell did I do that?'). I've seen her roll back to front twice so she can do it but she just doesn't really want to! I wouldn't worry hun xxx
  • thanks for the replys ladies i think im a lil worried because my daughter was crawling at 7 months but like they say all babys are different xx image
  • Hi,

    My boy doesn't roll either way and hasn't shown any interest in doing so. Which is annoying as he sleeps really well on his front, but I can't settle with him sleeping that way as he can't roll off it! He's never been one for laying down though (he's very, very strong) and has been sitting unaided since 5 months and walking at just over 6 months, so I don't think he has any inclanation to learn to roll.

    aas everyone has said, rolling isn't an important milestone and I'm sure our boys will get there in the end!

  • My DD deosn;t roll or crawl but sat very early. I'm not worried. Once she's mobile my life will be hell! lol
  • I'm sure if you left him unattended on the bed he'd manage to AMAZE you!!!!

    Dont worry!!!
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