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First Mothers Day

So, as a bloke, what will you all be hoping for as a special first mothers day (to whom it applies!) gift ?


  • A lie in!! Breakfast in bed would be nice and a nice lunch out somewhere - a bit of pampering, doing no housework for the day and time with my little family is better than any present that can be bought image
  • I'm getting my nails and hair done!

    cant wait!
  • I don't expect anything really. I'm not oh's mum and lo is obviously too young to get anything. I just feel like every month there is something pressuring you into wasting money. Christmas, Valentines, my birthday, oh's birthday, mother's day, Easter.........
  • ooo hubby has already told me I can have a nice lie in, and we can do what ever I please on Sunday. If the weather is nice I'd quite like to go and have a picnic somewhere, had been thinking of lunch out but everywhere will be chaotic and packed. I'm sure I'll get some flowers/chocs from my littlies (not my first mothers day though).

    I'd be happy with just a card and plenty of kisses and cuddles to be honest!

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