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I think I can count on both hands how many times we've done it since Raeya came along LOL

I feel bad for hubby but I am just so tired I dont think about it, he's so good bless him, he doesnt complain.

So come on tell me how to get us back on track hehe!

Is everyone else kind of like this?

(Not you Littlelyns, we all know you've been doing it image )



  • Hi,

    I can prob count on 1 hand the number of times we've done "it"!!! lol

    For numerous reasons it just doesn't seem to happen:-

    I'm too tired

    LO still feeds in the night

    LO is still in our room

    Hubs works nights!!!!

    It's just not something I'm bothered about at the moment.

    It's definately not just you. lol

    Hopefully for us when lo starts to sleep better and is maybe in her own room things will work themselves out.

    I remember it being the same when we had DS1 and things picked up cos we went on to have DD2!!!! lol

  • We do it about once a week down from 2-3 times a week before we had Jason. We would both like to have more sex but can't seem to get in sinc witb each other so that we are both in the mood. Since loosing nearly 3 stone I have a complete horn on all the time. Its definately lifted my libido!
  • sex.......whats that again?

    lol!! Seriously I have zero sex drive anymore. With a 3yr old and almost 8month old the very last thing on my mind is getting frisky. I never feel sexy, am usually in need of a shower, covered in what ever Finley's had for tea, porride in my hair etc etc.

    My poor hubby - can tell he's struggling without it but is being very nice about it.

    I'd frankly rather snuggle up the the sofa with a dairymilk and some crappy tv. Even if we had a babysitter for the night I'd end up making my excuses, it just seems like so much effort! how terrible am I?

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