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FAO Jubilee/ Raeyas Mom

Hi hun,

Just quick question for you. Our little man is called Jack Daniel & I just wondered whether you would be able to get away with using a Jack Daniels logo or something similar on a set of bibs & a vest? Thought it would be really cute but I understand if not!!



  • i think this ones for you Jubilee lol

    I am not so clever and dont make clothes with prints on them, wouldnt even know where to start image

  • Hi hun,

    I've emailed Jubilee and let her know you wanted a babygrow. She has a website, but I can't remember the address. I tried to find it but the search engine is too rubbish on here!

    Jack is a lovely name image

  • hello!

    Thanks for the heads up! I keep meaning to come and let you guys know the site is all

    new and improved!

    I should get hairbands on there next week and tutus today!

    I'm at

    feel free to question/email me at will! xxxx
  • I can get similar fonts and use those if we can't find a non copywritten picture to use.

    There are ways around it! x
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