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Anyone know why my 7 month old might be refusing solids now?

Help, Erin was 7 months old yesterday and up until this week was happily eating 3 pureed meals a day. The only thing that she previously refused was carrot but I disguised it with apple and parsnip and she took it.

This week though she has decided not to eat anything that I have made, but will eat porridge for breakfast, and has had a couple of Ella's kitchen pouches and yoghurts.

Does anyone have any idea why she could just suddenly stopped liking her food? I've tried all her favourites to no avail. Today she has only eaten her porridge and I feel like I've been trying to force feed her all day! She keeps her mouth firmly closed and keeps blowing raspberries. At lunch I thought that she might just not be hungry so expected her to take something at dinner, but she didn't have anything, just refused food for 20 mins.

In addition, I'm also in the process of stopping breastfeeding and moving to bottles, and have upped to 3 bottles this week. 1 btl when she wakes, breast feed @ 11.50am (lunch at 1pm) , btl at 4pm (dinner at 5pm). She'll have a bottle before bed and breastfeed when she wakes in the night. Bottles are 7oz, should I try reducing this?

Could she just not be hungry or could it be something like teething? She doesn't have any teeth through yet and I can't really see any sign of anything coming.



  • Hi hun, Could the formula be filling her up more than breast milk? I know max isn't as interested in food when he has had his milk quite close, could you maybe move her milk forward a bit,

    Max routine goes... Milk 7am, breakfast 8.30, milk 10.30, Lunch 12.30, Milk 3, Tea at 5.30, Milk before bed at 7ish

    Or has she been poorly recently? Milk is still the most important thing, so wouldn't worry for a few days however if it goes on maybe you could have a quick word with your HV.


    edited because of my very bad spelling!!
  • Thanks for the reply, perhaps she is getting fuller from the bottles. I'll try and give her bottles earlier than I have been and see if it makes a difference.

    She had a cold which lasted a couple of weeks but she is over it now and it didn't seem to affect her feeding.

    Thanks again x
  • Hi

    Our routine for feeds is very much like MrsH01UK's

    Raeya has porridge or yogurt or fruit for breakfast, a hot meal for lunch and porridge for dinner.

    Raeya will also get a snack in the afternoon (2 of those organix sweetcorn rings normally)

    Raeya was doing what you described a few weeks ago.

    The way I tackled it was come lunchtime when she was to have her food that she was suddenly refusing I would put a little of it on the spoon then on the same spoon on the end a little of what she will definately eat (ie fruit puree)so she would get the taste of the fruit first, she'd end up taking a few mouthfuls, sometimes if the flavour of the food I was trying to sneak was abit strong she'd spit it out but then just give more fruit so she thinks what she's getting lol

    Gradually I was reducing the fruit and she was taking the food I wanted her to eat.

    I started this off with fairly easy flavours like her chicken or veg but beef was alittle strong so it didnt work quite as well.

    It takes perseverance and food will go to waste but I didnt know how else to do it.thankfully it worked. She did have a bad week of teething and she went back to refusing her food, we just started back at square one with tricking her again and fine now.

    Also I started weaning Raeya with the normal stuff and parsnip and potato was her favourite, now though she will not take it at all, I think its the consistency...

    wowsa that was long, sorry

  • Perhaps you could try some finger foods? Just a thought as you might find she will eat things if she's in control and just left to her own devices? worth trying image
  • Thanks for replies.

    Lunchtime was better today. I had given her a breastfeed at 11.30am and gave her lunch at 1pm, so didn't quite make the two hour gap. Anyway she wasn't sure a first but then seemed happy to eat if her hand was in her mouth at the same time! A bit messy but she ate it all which I was pleased about. I then pushed my luck by trying her with avocado and banana but she just grabbed it off her spoon and squished in her fingers for a bit. She did put her hand to her mouth but started spitting it out.

    Roll on dinner!
  • Hello i have just gone through this, i too was replacing the breast with a bottle and asher wouldnt eat anything apart from mashed banana and porridge he just kept his mouth tightly shut. I put it down to the formula filling him up. He slowly started eating more and hes now back to normal i still breastfeed but he also has 3 bottles a day. oh and i do now give him his food before a bottle. Hope this helps xxx
  • Thanks Annabelle23,

    After a bit of a struggle to begin with, she did wolf down her dinner and a yoghurt, so hopefully we're back on track. I'll bear in mind swapping bottle / solid feed if she starts refusing again.

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