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A Little Question :)

Hello Girls How Are You All And Your Little Ones?? Did You All Have A Lovely Mothers Day?? Iv Got A Question If Anyone Can Help Plz Keira Has Learned To Roll Over (At Last) An Everytime She Rolls Over After A Couple Of Minutes Shes Starts Crying An Haveing A Little Mont I Roll Her On Her Back Then She Rolls Over An Does The Same Thing An Im Not Sure Why Any Help/Advice Would Be Appreciated As My First Never Did This :? Thanks In Advance image X x


  • It's more than likely that she just doesn't like being on her tummy for long once she's there, but loves to do the whole rolling thing... and then can't get back again.

    She sounds like she's just getting a little frustrated at not being able to roll back, but don't worry it'll pass before you know it image She'll either learn to roll both ways, or she'll just get used to being on her front more.

    And... yes I had a lovely mothers day thanks image I got spoiled with a lie in, brekky in bed and some presents and spent the day with hubby and my 2 littlies. Twas perfect! Hope you too had a fabby day!

  • Hi jake did this for a long time as he didnt know what to do when he got over on to his tummy but eventually he decided he liked it and started to play on his tummy and teach himself to crawl

    hope you are well xx
  • Ahh Thanks For Your Reply image I Just Couldnt Understand Why She Was Being Like It But Now Youve Mentioned It Its Probobly Most Definatly 1 Of Them Reasons An I Hope She Does Either Because Its Awkword Haveing To Keep Getting Down To RollHer Over Lol Glad You Had A Lovely Day An Yep I Did Thanks It Was Nice Spendin Time With My Girlies And OH For A Change image X x
  • Aww Im Hopeing Keira Starts Crawling Soon Nothing Keeps Her Occupied For Long So She Starts Getting All Moody Lol My 1st Born Crawled But I Cant Remember What Age "/ But Im Hopeing It Aint Going To Be Too Long If Keira Starts X x
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