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Growing spurt??

Isobelle has always suffered with growing spurts when she was newborn and i wondered if anyone else is having this? Some mums havent a clue what im talking about when i talk about growing spurts and look at me like im going mad. I must admit,now that izzy is getting older these are harder to recognise because she might be irritable for other reasons but just recently she is very irritable,wont play for long before crying and just generally isnt happy. I know she is teething because i can see her second tooth coming through so im thinking this could be the reason.

She also keeps eating like mad and sometimes its catches me unawares.Im glad she is eating because 5 weeks ago we took her to be weighed and she was 15lb 4oz and this week she was 16lb after 5 weeks. She is nicely following the 25th percentile so im not too concerned.

Any idea why she is eating a lot and why she is VERY irritable??Its so out of character thats why ive chosen to post about it.



  • Is she crawling yet? Jason was really iritable for a few weeks when he was strugglung to crawl. He was so frustrated and kept falling and hurting himself. He was eatibg loads too, I think because he needed so much physical and mental energy to put into learning this new skill. He's been crawling properly for a week or so and is a much happier chap and still eating loads which makes me happy!
  • Ahhh this is what it could be! No she hasnt quite mastered it yet.She scares herself and cries so wont go any further. I think things will be better once she has some freedom.As it happens,after i put this thread on she has been a lot happier in herself so perhaps its been her teeth too!

    Its so out of character when she is grumpy because she is so placid.

    Thanks for replying


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