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anybody still breastfeeding?

Hey everybody hope you're all well.

Fin turned 8months on the 7th, and we're still bf. Just wondered how often LO's are feeding?

Finleys on 3 solid meals per day, but still feeds 5/6 times a day (though his feeds are quick) and currently he's having a growth spurt and having upto 8feeds a day. Also, he still feeds through the night, anywhere between 1-3 feeds but he deffo needs these as he feeds for MUCH longer in the night.

Sometimes during the day I wonder if he's feeding out of comfort and habbit, because if we're at home and I'm about he feeds more. Where'as he's not as bothered if out and about or if I'm not around.

Does this all sound normal for his age? I just take his lead with it but have wondered if he should be cutting down by now?



  • hey hun.

    im still feeding little nathan whos 8 months this week.

    Nathan was still feeding a fare bit not a much as fin, was around 5 -6 feeds a day and maybe one or two at night.

    i ahd some advice of some ladies i met at my baby group a while back and have since trialed there advice to help nathan sleep through. which did invole cutting is feeds.

    Nathan will now wake in the morning around 8, he will then be given his breakfast, (porridge etc) but i will give him as much as he wants till he seems full and satisfied, that will sustane him till around 10 11ish which is when he has a 1st milk feed and then goes down for a short nap. he then has his dinner at 12 1ish again as much as he will eat, again he has a feed at 3 4ish with a little sleep, then has his dinner at6 7ish, (which in jar terms is two jars one meal one pud) and before he goes down to sleep a further very quick feed (but i am trying to drop this feed as they recomend them not going to bed after just having a milk feed).

    its all about precise timings, and filling him as much as he wants, and since two days of that routine in which a started last week, he is sleeping through.

    hope this helps, sorry for waffling

    Dani & Nathan
  • Dani that's really interesting! I wonder if I could do something similar. I had considered offering a drink in a beaker and a snack instead of a feed when he seems to want one. With us baby led weaning he does eat and eat til he's stuffed, its possible he

    's just thirsty or snacking when I feed him. Thanks for your reply! X
  • my gorgeous girl is exactly the same - 3 good solid feeds a day but still has at least 5-6 milk feeds, though like you say they are much shorter now. I've tried jigging her meal times around but it doesn't make a difference, she still has 2/3 night feeds. Getting a bit worried what we'll do when I go back to work in 3 months because she never did take to a bottle and although she'll take water from a beaker, it's never more than a few sips. Fingers crossed she starts to wean herself off the booby a bit in the next few weeks!
  • Hi hun,

    As you know we're still feeding.

    Sophie has 8 feeds over a 24hr period, usually 5 in the day and 3 at night. Our day usually goes as follows:-

    7am - bf

    8am - offer breakfast

    9.30 - bf and nap

    11.30 - lunch

    1.30 - bf

    4.30 - tea

    5.30 - bf

    7.30 - bf and bed

    It depends on how long her morning nap is as to whether she has a nap at lunchtime which may then alter the time of the 1.30 feed.

    Got her weighed today and she's actually gained 1 lb in 4 weeks so I'm really pleased about that but she still doesn't seem to be eating much so I wonder if her gain is to do with bf.

    She's showing no signs AT ALL of wanting to drop any feeds but if she wanted to sleep a bit longer at night that would be great!!!!! lol

    Vic xxx
  • Yes we are still breast feeding. Grace is probably only having 4 feeds during the day. Some nights she will have a dreamfeed at 11 and then she feeds at 3am then wakes at 7am. So not bad. Mind you I want my boobs back if that makes any sense, still can't see my feet. LOL. Grace will not take a bottle at all. I love breastfeeding but it's nearly been 8 months.
  • I'm so glad that other people are still breastfeeding during the night. My boy turns 8 months on Sunday and he is fully weaned during the day; 3 solid meals and snacks and some formula milk (not much though, but lots of cheese and yoghurt and stuff with milk in it), but on a night as he's had some prolonged colic/stomach issues, he tends to sleep with me in the early morning hours and he always snuzzes in for a feed , which I don't mind, but if he's with his dad, he's ok. We do a feed/nappy change at about 12/1, but it's the other, probably comfort feeds that have been worrying me that they'll never stop.

    Knowing others are still feeding, even for comfort has really put my mind at rest - phew!

    Glad to see everyone's doing so well with their bubs.

    Arlene & D

  • Hiya,

    Izzy is still BF. When she wakes up she will have the bottle (and ive come a long way to get her to take the bottle) she will then have the bottle all day until her evening feed around 6.30pm. She is usually in bed for 6.30pm and she will next wake up around 3am for another feed. She then wakes up between 5/6am.She use to sleep through but i think izzy is also having a growth spurt.
  • So glad I found this... Not been on BE for a while. Kinda g/c from dis. Lila was born 27th aug tho, sure ive said hello a few times... Lila still feeds 2-3 times a night and 4 or 5 times a day, thats with 3 meals with puds and snacks. Im thinking its for the comfort too. I enjoy bf her but want my boobs back and would love a good nyt sleep! To be honest ive been stressing as everyone seems so shocked when I tell them she still feeds so often and tells me to 'just stop' the night feeds, (if only it were that simple) id be happy knowing she will eventually wean herself of my breast... Im just begining to think she will be 2 and waking for feeds/wanting boob through the day. Im just not going to beable to try tough love so hope she will wean herself off :-S. x
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