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Meeting up??

I know we have tried this before and it's never come off (probably because of Christmas) but i really fancy a meet up. Who would be interested and how do you think it should be done? Or do you think its a bad idea now people are going back to work? We have all been friends for so long but have never met and we have an AMAZING thing in common!!!!!

Also if there is anyone in the North who wants a quick meet up just let me know!


  • Aww I'd love to hun! I do meet ups with the BIJ girls as I was orginally in that forum!!! I'm North too so free for a mini one, I work most Mon, Tues and Weds xxx
  • Awww that would be great. I was originally the 30th July but Izzy came late the little madam.

    We can arrange it via FB.

  • aww would love to have a meet up not a quick from me thou am from the east hehe how nice would it be for our little babie to meet xx
  • Pinkkt do you mean your North East? Im cheshire.
  • i am no good with where i am from lol but i know i am from hull hope you and Izzy are well xx
  • I would love to meet you lovely ladies and gorgeous babas but there is that pesky Irish sea in the way image
  • Hi ladies would be lovely to meet , im Midlands though so not sure how far from you northern ladies ? Im Stacey Lintern on FB if you dont already have me on there xx
  • That would be lovely although I'm all the wya in London!

    meet ups are great! I am really good frineds with 2 ladies I met years ago on wedding forums and a couple of them have had babies around the same time as me too and i've met them too x
  • Blimey we are all over the country. Faithie-who the hell decided to put the sea there. If a meet up did come off it wouldnt be the same if you werent there.

    So from what i gather we need to meet in the middle between London and Hull. Any suggestions??

    I found out that my hubby has never been to london so i wouldnt mind going for the day but i know its too far for some people.

    What are your thoughts?
  • There is a BE north easterners group on Facebook, quite a few of us from on here (various forums) and the nest are on there and we've had two meetups, one at the metro centre gateshead, and one at my house in Newcastle! we're currently trying to organise one for a picnic on Newburn Riverside somewhere. If anybody lives within travelling distance let me know and I can add you to the group! I've made some great friends from here image

    I would absolutely love to meet more BIA mummies though,not sure I can travel far however. I'll watch the thread with interest though to see if it's something I could attend!

  • sorry, i only saw this late, I'm in the south west, I don't think anyone is from around here...
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