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Summer bed time clothes

Now that the weather is warmer (or not so hot today in Cheshire)i was wondering how you dress your little cherubs for bedtime? I wouldn't dream of leaving the window open where we live but it gets so warm in Izzy's room in the evening. She gets the sun on her bedroom in the evening so the temperature is around 24 degrees when she goes to bed. We do what we can to try and cool the room down.

She also kicks the covers off as she does adventures around the cot but occasionally wakes up cold during the night when the temperature drops. Last night it went from 24 degrees to 18 degrees. Im so scared of her overheating but then getting to cold later in the night. I'm not a paranoid mum about anything but i must i'm scared of her getting to hot. Her daddy thinks im silly. What do you think?


  • Aww I know it's pain isn't it? Sophias room is also 24 degrees even with a blackout blind on the window! I dress her in pyjamas now rather than baby grows and she goes in a sleeping bag, the temp does drop as the evening goes on but we've found the pyjamas make a difference, she's got slightly cold hands in the morning but the rest of her is still warm without being hot! xxx
  • I put Jason in pjs too now rather than babygros. Having his feet out helps him control his temperature a bit better. I'm a bit naughty because I gave Jason his duvet a bit earlier than recomended as sleeping bags werent working anymore. I had to get one aged 12 - 18 months to get the lenghth right bit its too big and baggy and he kept getting all twisted up in it as he rolls around an awful lot in the night. He looks so sweet and cosy and is sleeping an awful lot better. When he gets warm he kicks it off and when he is cold he snuggles back into it. I wouldnt recomend it for all babies though. He is very tall and strong and mobile for his age.
  • Awww thanks for that. I use to put izzy in the growbags all the time until i bought these fleece babygrows so i just got out of the habit.Hmmmm i think i will go back to them.Thanks for your advice!!
  • I was thinking this last week.

    I put Raeya in a vest and then in a 1.5 tog sleeping bag and she's been fine

    A couple of the nights when it was alittle cooler I put her in a long sleeved vest and that was fine too.

    But then her room only gets the sun in the morning so it's not too bad in there by the evening time.

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