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1st family holiday

Hiya ladies,

It's been a long time since I've been on here but I know that if there's one place to get useful advice its from you lovely ladies.

We're going on holiday on Thursday to Kos with my Dad and his partner. This will be our first holiday since ds was born and I'm a little stressed about making sure I have everything that I will need for him.

So I need some guidance, hints & tips etc on how to make this holiday as stress free as possible.

e.g. do I take loads of nappies with me or do I buy out there? What do I do about cleaning out bottles, and what water do I give him?

Please help :?


  • Hiya

    Hope your well.I bet your so excited!I posted on here a while ago re driving to France because i was nervous about taking Izzy but everyone was like 'Just go' and we booked it based on the advice from these ladies!!!!Ace!!!!

    Personally im going to take everything that im use to using which may mean travelling heavy but we are driving so we can. They will have nappies etc over there but i would put some in hand luggage incase your suitcase gets lost (but it wont,just a precaution).

    Not sure if you could take food but then im not very up to date with airport rules.

    As i said above i dont have much advice because i would be asking the same questions but i would give bottled water but give your HV a call because im sure they are use to people asking these questions.

    You probably think this is sad but since doing a Paediatric first aid course im going to take a mini first aid kit with me. Again we are driving so im not sure what you could take on the plane but im going to take bits incase izzy geta a bite or fever etc. I asked my local pharmacist for help with these. It does sound a bit extreme but i can imagine me in a flap and a language barrier being in the way.

    The best advice ladies gave me when i posted earlier in the year especially from Minnie was just enjoy it.I suppose to a point it will be stressful in terms of lugging everything around and if you incurr delays but just class it as part of the adventure.

    Ive said to hubby that im going to start packing in advance so that im calm and i know that i have got everything.I get stressed when everything is done in a rush.

    Do you make lists?Im afraid im a list person!Again its a bit sad but ive got EXTREME baby brain and forget everything. We have a notepad on the kitchen table so when im doing things i can quickly write it down. Perhaps think of a plan if you have delays (when your abroad),how you feed ds when you are delayed, toys to play with,how would ds sleep.Perhaps i'm being a bit silly but i always plan LOL image

    I hope this helps a tiny bit but its your first holiday with your baby so enjoy it. You will always remember it.

    Have fun

    H x
  • Hi, my nephew was 5mths old when he joined us on holiday in tenerife 2yrs ago. Nappies pack a bag, most resorts have the same brands we're used to available for purchase. A handful of bottles for feeding (we used hotel room kettle to boil water which was then poured into sink to clean bottles, water was always bottle bought). If taking baby feed or formula milk be prepared for airport/ferry port to ask you to taste it to prove drug free, you'll probably also be asked to place them in clear plastic bags as you pass through customs so keep within easy access. Other than that sun hats, swim nappies for pools/beaches, high spf suncream and a mix of warm/cool clothes for trips out. Hope this helps, enjoy your hols.
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