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1st Birthday plans

Hello ladies,

how are you and your little ones doing? i havnt been on here in ages, nathan has only just started to roll over, but has been able to sit up for a while and has now learned to walk whilst i hold onto his arms, hes very steady too. he now has two teeth but instead of being the front two he has one of the front then the one to the side of it has come up next, anyone elses babies done that, id never heard of it before, anyway .....

Nathan is almost nine months now and it has dawned on me that it is his 1st birthday fast approaching, as he is my 1st i want it to be extra special.

i was just wondering what you ladies have planned (or are planning) for your babies birthday?

also what gifts are you getting them?

i want to get him a few presents but just one extra special one that i can keep for him, so any ideas?

thanks Dani & Nathan 37 weeks xx


  • Hiya,

    Glad to hear your both ok. Ive been thinking about this too especially about themes. My mother keeps telling me what she wants which is driving me mad. Mum wants fairies for Izzy because its 'girly' but i want something which relates to izzy at the present time. At the moment she loves 'The Hoobs' on C4 in the mornings but she might be into something else nearer the time so im going to wait.

    Im going to invite a few babies from Waterbabies,playgroup, and friends babies so in total so far there will be 7 babies. Then we will have family. I hope the weather will be nice otherwise we will have a house full.

    For gifts i was thinking of maybe a trike or a sandpit,puzzles etc but im not sure. I think we will just choose a day closer to the 7th August and walk around toys r us and decide then.

    Im getting quite sad about izzy turning one but at the same time im looking forward seeing her change and getting ready for the 'terrible two's'. image
  • we're having a party to. well its actually going to be a joint 1st birthday party.

    a friends little girl is just afew days younger than raeya.

    several babies with parents

    hiring soft play pieces with mats

    bubble machine

    buffet food so prep is done

    plastic throw away plates and cutlery

    then we'll have a family thing on another night, go to a restaurant or something

    as for a pressie, would love to get her a smart trike, but not really too sure so will have to look around

  • Hi!

    I can't wait for Eve's birthday and are hoping to have a BBQ with friends and family! There will be 10 kids in total all defferent in ages!

    I'm hoping to go with the theme of strawberry shortcake as she loves watching it!

    Will get a few small presents as she will get so much off family and also put some

    Money in her bank!

    For her special present Im having a quilt made out of some special first year clothes, something she can keep forever!


  • Oh becky that sounds like a fab idea! (the blanket) where are you getting that done? How are you and Eve getting on x
  • Just like Nathan, Millie's teeth seem to come out in the wrong order... image She had the bottom 2 at 6 months and last month 2 top teeth came out but not the middle ones, the ones next to where the middle ones will be image

    I have been thinking of Millie's birthday too, although I am not quite sure what to do yet. I don't think I want a girlie theme, because at her age she has baby boy friends too, so it seems strange to have loads of pink stuff image I will organise a party with other NCT babies and other friends, and hopefully we will also have a family party. I'd love to have a naming ceremony in France for her to mark the occasion, but not sure whether I can get the paperwork sorted on time image

    As for presents, I am thinking something similar to Becky, I want to knit her a blanket to take to nursery. I knitted her a pram blanket before she was born, and basically I want to make a bigger version of it. Her nanny wants to get her a charm bracelet, and give her a charm at each birthday.

    Glad to see everybody is doing well! xxx
  • We are getting her christened on the Sunday before her birthday so that will be a joint birthday party but on the day we will have a tea party at home or maybe a picnic in the park.

    I think I will get her a couple of small things as she will be getting so many things and money from people.
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