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Sippy Cup

Just wondering if you could give me some advice. Ive spent many months trying to get Izzy from the breast to bottle which she has now taken to very well. Somedays its been a struggle to get about 10oz of milk into her per day but my HV says that now she is on full 3 meals a day she doesnt need as much milk as she did when she was younger (I put the milk in her meals.)

She has a sippy cup which she gets on well with but its obviously not the bottle and she doesnt take in anywhere near the amount that she does with the bottle.

How much milk do your babies have and do you put milk in the sippy cup or cool boiled water? Ive been offering it at meal times, do you do this too?

Help me with my confusion lol


  • I just put cooled boiled water in Sophias sippy cup at mealtimes!!! I won't put milk in there until she really doesn't need much at all, there is no way she would drink her daily need for the day out of a sippy cup!!! Sophia has between 6-8oz in the morning, 3 more ounces with breakfast and 6-8oz in the afternoon, she doesn't eat very well though and I'm torn whether or not to drop the afternoon bottle as she didn't want lunch or dinner yesterday!!! xxx
  • Ahhh i see. Izzy is the other way round. She doesnt drink much milk but has three good meals. Do you know when they are suppose to stop having as much milk?Sounds a daft question but my friends baby is 14 months and she said that he doesnt have much milk but will have a bit of water/ fruit juice and a cup of cows milk at bed and a rusk. I just cant imagine izzy not having her milk in a few months time. I dont think its right??
  • Yeah when they get to 12 months, weird eh? Sophia doesn't even have a bedtime bottle anymore, it's weird!!! Apparently up to 12 months we should be aiming for 20ozs but that doesn't take into account, yogurts and cheese etc! I'd rather Sophia be a good eater! What does izzy eat? I'm at my wits end with Sophia, she hardly touches any food!!! xxx
  • Im a bit the same with Izzy at the minute because she will have a good amount but its always what she wants. She is very fussy at the moment.

    She lives on Pasta stars (from boots) with a sauce or salmon and brocolli. Then she has a bowl of Ambrosia and a malted milk if she is still grumbling at me. She has water too. Oh and she loves toast.

    Ive tried cold things like Ive tried cow & gate Ive tried boiling veg so she can feed herself and she feels it and throws it on the floor (whick im sick of disinfecting everyday!!)

    I dont know what else to try but ive got the feeling that Izzy is ready to learn to feed herself. Sometimes i will be feeding her and she seems in a good flow but suddenly stops,looks at the spoon and goes to grap it. I need to find a good bib first that covers her all over because she has too many nice clothes to be ruined by food being slapped all over them lol.
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