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need sum advice about PND

hiya ladies my ds is just 9 months but im startin to think im suffering wid PND but need sum advice i feel like all i do is cry image xx


  • Hey hun,

    I'm sorry your feeling this way but at least you have recognised it. Some people go months without realising.

    I know everyone will say this but I would say go to your doctors. Have you tried taking some time out? Do you have anyone to look after your baby? Perhaps go shopping so it's something different out of your normal routine or book something ahead to look forward to.

    Nine months is a demanding age isnt it??Izzy has suddenly gone from a baby to a little demanding person and its exhausting!! Its lovely to see her develop. Whats sleep when you have all these new tricks to show off?????

    My husband works shifts and i dont get any help of grandparents so somedays ive just about had enough come bed time but i always have a nice early night and then i can cope with the demands of izzy the next day.

    Izzy has been with me constantly from birth. Its really unhealthy for her but its a long story about grandparents so i wont have them look after her! They all caused so much trouble when izzy was born.

    My only advice is to say go to the doctors or try do something to perk you up. My attitude is 'if i dont perk myself up,then no one will'. Its my excuse to buy something nice or have my hair done etc.

    I hope your feeling better soon. Just think about what an amazing gift of life you have been given.

    H xx
  • thanks for the reply i am like you dont get any help from my oh parents my mum helps as much as she can but she is disabled. leighton isnt a good sleeper which doesnt help the way i feel and then iv got a dd who is 3 who has just startd pre-school so i try n go and do my shopping wen iv only got leighton i really dont want to go on anit-depressants as i knw its hard 2 get off them i want 2 do it myself image x
  • I would really go and speak to your gp. I had unrelated depression and feel so much better having spoken to my gp and seeing someone. xxx
  • you could try cognitive behaviour therapy online, i did this along with anti depressants and improved quite quickly although my biggest help was actually going back to work to have time out, only planning 6 months off this time so i know there is an end in sight. never thought i would say that and i love my son so much but have to have my own identity too.
  • i didn't realise you could do this online. i've been seeing someone and it's really helped me realise that I'm not worthless!
  • Sorry for gate crashing, but how did you arrange to see someone? I've tried talking to my doctor and she just said I was boarder line depressed and to just get out more! I just feel I need to talk so someoen about how I feel, my partner just doesn;t understand.
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