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Hey ladies need pram advice from experienced pram users :)

Hey all im G/C from DIA 2011 and im really struggling atm on what pram to get. I only have a citreon C1 so need a compact travel system im sick of trawling the internet and walking round shops as every sales assistant claims the pram their selling is the best dont they?! They have all got some award or other so i thought why not bother you lovely ladies real mums who are using prams day in and day out image My needs are that i want a car seat, carry cot and seat unit. I want the seat unit to be both parent and rearward facing. Due to the car i have i need it to be compact image

I think ive narrowed it down to 2 possibles...

1) The Graco Symbio...has reversible handle (which i would never use as find it hard to push with large wheels in the front so would always switch the seat unit over.) Has a lovely carrycot suitable from birth wich winds up so you can sit baby up a little bit as seat unit only suitable for 6months plus. The carseat is very padded but light and will fit in my car checked it against seat belt length. Its won mother&baby gold for best travel system and silver for best pushchair. My downsides on this pushcair is the seat unit is padded and comfy but the bar on the bottom cant be adjusted i worry if i have a tall toddler they will bang their calfs on the bar therefore not making it very comfy on the legs. Also the basket is VERY small on this travel system but i know that we arent supposed to overload prams.

2) Mammas and Pappas the handle and seat unit can face both ways. Not a huge shopping basket but bigger than the graco. Carrycot lovely and padded like the graco one but doesnt sit up! Folds down small so will fit in the car. The seat unit lies flat where as the graco the whole unit tips back. The foot rest is better on this pram but the seat unit isnt as padded. It has won pratical parenting awards for 2 years and made for mums gave it 5 stars. The cybex car seat

The only other contender and its a late entry is thr mammas and pappas ultima i dont know a lot about it so grateful for any input.

So ladies any advice or criticisms of the above mentioned pram systems or anything i havent mentioned that you think would be great image Im sorry to bother you but i dont want to buy a pram and then find its rubbish if you know what i mean

Thanks in advance



  • Hi hun,

    I don't really know these travel systems but I think the sola is very popular - maybe you would get more opinions in Baby? x
  • Don't know if you have sorted your pram or not. I know its not on your list but we have the Babystyle Oyster and its fab. Has separate carrycot and stroller unit. Stroller can be forward or rear facing. All clicks on really easily and is light to carry. I'm not very strong at all and I can lift it easily. It so light to push it can be pushed one handed. They have an Oyster car seat which fits onto it, but it also fits with the maxi cosi seat and a Britax one. We have the maxi cosi as I needed the base for it to fit in my car. An added extra is that it comes with colour packs so you can change the colour. Daisy used the carrycot till about 5 months then we moved onto the stroller. Thats officially from 6 months but straps are really good and nicely padded so she was fine in it. Stroller can't be used from newborn as although it lies back it doesnt go flat.

    It really is a fab buggy. We have bought a lightweight stroller for holidays etc, but I still used the Oyster all the rest of the time and will do for a long time yet. Daisy can sleep in it easily and always seems comfy in it.

    Hope that helps. have fun choosing x x
  • Hiya

    I dont really know the above prams because we liked the quinny straight away. Ive heard a lot of good things from mother and baby mags about the sola which is good.

    We have the quinny Buzz 3 and its been absolutely perfect.Its got us through the hard winter,has been very heard wearing,is very comfy for Izzy.The brakes are fab and its wipeable now she is having snacks. Nothing has gone wrong etc. The only thing i must say is the hood is useless in the sun but we have a brolly to solve the problem. We put some putty stuff in the tyres and we havent had a puncture.Its perfect.

    I didnt buy the car seat to make it into a travel system and all i would say is that i regret not doing it so get a travel system if you can.

    Izzy was born on 7th Aug and i got out and about straight away showing her off to the world.I loved taking her for walks whilst it was sunny. All i would say is if your like me and enjoy being outside get out straight away because it soon turned cold image

    Enjoy xx
  • I also have babystyle oyster which is fab and fold tiny - i can fit it in my mil's ford ka boot which is pretty impressive! we got the maxi cosi cabriofix car seat and pram adaptors to complete travel system and have no complaints to date. ds also went into pushchair unit at 5 months but as it reclines a good way and has decent harness he was more than comfy! x
  • We have the M&P Urbo and it was a toss up between that and the Sola after our quinny got a bit too heavy (but it was an older one approx three years old).

    Love the Urbo. Light and easy to fold etc. Storage not bad and it look good and faces both ways.
  • Hi just wondering if anyone knows if you can by seat unit replacments at all?? if anyone knows please email me - [email protected] thank you very much in advance x

  • I love the new quinny moodd! xx
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