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slightly o/t

Hi ladies,

Hope you and lo are doing well.

i just came on here really to get your advise well really to see how you would feel in my situation.

I found out tonight that my brother who is getting married next year is not inviting DS. I am very upset about this and think that as he is his nephew he should be there although i could understand if he did nt want other children their and if it was anyone elses wedding such as a friend or cousin i wouldnd expect DS to be asked. I just feel that as a nephew its a wedding that our little boy should be able to go to. Am i being unresonable?



  • Does your brother have kids of his own ? Im guessing not as this is more than likely him just not understanding what its like when you have a child , you want them to be included in everything and they are a special part of your life ...

    is it worth explaining how much you would like him to be there > maybe asking your brothers reasons for no children

    possibly just hasnt throught how much you would like him there ??

    my best friend is getting married in 3 months and although is happy for my little one to come doesnt want him involved in the wedding in any way in case it " distracts me and i cant enjoy myself " i wanted to say my little boy isnt a distraction he is the most important thing in my life but she is just caught up in her day which she is entitled to i think people without children cant really understand

    i dont think your overreacting at all but think your bro just hasnt realised how much it would upset you xx
  • Hey

    No they have no children yet. I can understand that he doesnt want loads of children running around, to be honest we didnt at our wedding and only had our niece there because we wanted her to be there with us and the rest of her family.

    I think i am really upset because I wont my brother to want our son at his wedding. I think i will give it a couple of days to calm down and then will speak with him.

    Originally they were having children as one of the brides friend little girl was flower girl, i pressume the suddurn change is due to funds!

  • I dont think it will be because he doesnt want him there he is maybe just caught up in the planning etc im sure when you speak to him you will feel better , like you say wait till you have calmed down ! good luck xx
  • I replied in Baby hun xxx
  • Gosh I would be upset. I really dont have any advice for you but i suppose if thats his wish then you have to respect it. Do you think its his wife to be and not your brother??

    Look at it as a night away from your children....i cant talk because ive not left izzy with no one yet.

    It does sound like a fund issue. I know that at venues in cheshire childrens meals arent much cheaper than adults meals (no matters what the age.)

    Have a chill and im sure there will be a reasonable explanation.

    Take Care

    H x
  • Hi

    I spoke with my brother and explained to him that I was very upset by his decsision (not to get him to change his mind but to get it of my chest) also told him that if DS didnt go then we may not have been able to as I will only leave himm with Mil (he doesnt know any of Dh family well enough). My brother explained that he was welcome to come to the evening do and I said that we were planning on leaving him with someone for that part so that we could let our hair down. brother basically said it was fine if we couldnt make it, V hurtfull person since meeting his future wife. i spoke to my mum and dad (they are paying for the wedding) who had already had a conversation about children not going to the wedding to which my dad had replied he is my only grandchild and he IS going! Both parents feel very strongly that my little man should be there, mum spoke to brother and has has told him ds is going and is he makes any noise i will take him out of the church to a close family friend who will be waiting outside so i dont have to miss the service. luckily he agreed, although not sure if he had much choice! Mum said if they didnt agree then she would have just taken him in! I have since found out that brother and his future wives best friends children have been invited age 12 and 15. needless to say if DS had not been there and they had I would have just walked out the church!

    Thanks for reading i know its a long rant.

    Families eh!!!!!

  • Glad you got it sorted hun. I would have been upset too, especially if some children who aren't even family are invited AND your parents are paying for the wedding!!! Well done for telling your brother, it is always best to be completely honest about your feelings. It sounds like your future SIL has a strong influence on your brother!
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