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First Birthday gifts

So, its fast approaching and what is everyone getting for that special "main" present ?? My wife wants to get a trike, but Im unsure about whether Connor is big enough yet.


  • we're going for the smart trike, it's got harnesses and frame around it then as they grow you can take off some of those things.

    we've found amazon to be the best place to buy for them

    have to admit we were abit stuck for ideas but the smart trike i like because even when it gets colder we can just make sure she is wrapped up warm and it can still be used

    good luck

  • We are going for a trike too with thefrane round they are suitable from 10 months so your lo should be fine x

    Not sure about anything else tho lol
  • yep! I've got a smart trike zoo image also a barking walking dog, a jigsaw & a tent with balls in it
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