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Growning up!

Hi ladies!

I was just sat watching Charlie playing on the floor and I was thinking to myself I cant believe how quickly he is growing up.

He is walking well walking and running around now has only 3 teeth so far he was a late teether didnt get his 1st until he was a year and a week old!

So far he says:

Tractor (all the time)!




jeff (comes out deff its our dogs name)



Makes a pig noise

Shows you where his foot and nose are if you ask him to

has learned to shake his head when he doesnt want to do something

He is doing so well but it scares me that he is getting so big.

Just thought I would share as you ladies really know where I am coming from.


  • hey vixv i know what you mean they seem so grown up but still a baby cannot belive a year has passed already image are you on the fb page we use born in aug most of us use that now ?xx
  • no not sure how to find it? xx
  • go onto face book and type in born in august 2010 and you will be added look forward to catching up with you on that x
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