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Chester Zoo


We are takinh Jack to Chester Zoo tomorrow and i cant wait! Not been since i was a kid Jack looking forward to it too!

He has given up his aft nap all by himself too this last week and im glad to say hes sleeping through till 7.30-8am! Its great for us as he was always an eary riser ay 6am!

Will let you no how we get on!

hope everyone well and all our toddlers doing well!!:lol:


  • Have a great time! We've not been in a while, in fact I think only Charlie's been....better take the other two over summer!
  • We're hoping to go again this summer too when we are over in the UK, hope you had a fantastic day! x
  • I love chester zoo. I want to go now ha ha we went last summer when we did the big toddle there hope u had a lovely day certainly had the weather x
  • Hi

    We had a fab day it was lovely weather and Jack loved it.
    He liked the ra raas (lions) giraffes and penguins best. Did really well at walking round as its a big place and we didnt bother with pushchair he said he was a bit tired at the end and fell asleep before we left car park!!!

    Hes been to nursery today and talked about it all day!!
  • Ah glad you had a great time. We took Elijah to the zoo for the first time in april and he looooved it x
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