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feeling down



  • thanks for everyones kind words and big hugs! hollylizzy your are sounding a bit better and i hope you are too cus you deserve to be happy, we all do! xx
  • hi rebecca, yes i am feelingbetter now. we have talked..kind of..and he is obviously trying harder. only time will tell now! are u alrite? yes we do all deserve to be happy, especially after a busy tiring year last year!

    hi amy, i no wot u mean about them growing, it really is true how quick the time goes. even when we have a lazy day (or week!) it flies! he will be weighed on tuesday but i reckon he is around 11lb at a random quess. he is in 0-3 now and grown out of size 1 nappies! his sleep suits are snug too, the 0-3 are better but as u say it depends where they r from. my tesco ones havegone away already cos they were the first he outgrew!

    my 6 week check is thurs and ryans in two weeks, reckon ill get an internal though cos the internal stitches are still there..they supposed to dissolve i thought?!

    has anyone gone on the patch rather than the pill? i always forget to take it so was wondering about the patch. just easier!

  • Not heard of the patch...where do u stick it?! I really don't want anymore hormones pumping round my bod! As Gracie's our last we need something good!? 1 mw suggested the marina coil but after lkg up on net it's also fueled with hormones...may need hubby to have the snip!!! Just seems SO final!
    Glad you're all feeling a bit better now. x
  • think u stick it on ur arm or leg!
  • Well I went for my 6 week check and had already decided I was wanting the marina coil, apparently you are more likely to concieve after being steralised than you are from this coil and it stops your periods but also it stops working as soon as its taken out so doesn't have long term efferts. I didn't realise you need to have swabs taken 10 days before its fitted though so I had that done on Friday and it really wasn't that bad!
    I haven't heard of the patches but don't know if I would trust them because I know what some patches are like and them never stick! I got pregnant when I was taking the mini pill so don't really want to be taking that again!
    Holly have you thought about having the rod? My mate has it and says its very good.
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