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big boy bed

Well its just taken 2 of us 45 minutes to convert the cotbed to a bed! You wouldn't think it was so hard would you!! Anyway cole seemed mightily chuffed that he could climb on his bed himself! WE decided to do it as he keeps getting his legs caught in the bars and he's started to try and climb into the cot at bedtime!

am a bit worried though as we've got one of those bedguards and it does make for a bit of a gap at the edge (hubby swears the bottom of the bedguard is meant to point up but I think it should point down) so I've jamemd a blanket down the edge of the bed!!

he's gone to sleep for a nap just now with minimum fuss cause he's tired..but not sure how tonight will be! Wish us luck!!


  • oh how exciting - i cant wait to hear how you get on!!! fin's is just a cot so would have to buy a junior bed for him with bed guard when we take the plunge..........does cole sleep in sleeping bag??? fin does and its his q for bedtime so not sure how he would be with duvet and bed!

  • Good luck! Hopefully he will love it and go to bed no problems for you.

    Star11 - Bren used to have a sleeping bag in his cot but just before we moved him into a bed he started getting fed up that his legs were getting tangled in it so we just moved him into a bed with a duvet instead and he had no problems. You could still use a sleeping bag for him though if that is what he prefers xx
  • No we took him o ut of a sleeping bag a couple of months ago when it started getting warmer - he was too hot in the bags so rather than buy summer bags we figured we'd just go sheets/blankets for summer and get a duvet. He ususally ends up kicking the sheets off and he was jamming his legs through the bars. Honestly didn't have any problems ditching the sleeping bag - we also started giving him his bedtime milk in a cup rather than a bottle and that messed around his bedtime for a bit as he started wanting to wander around drinking his milk but he settled down fairly quickly from that.

    Its so funny - he's so pleased he can get on and off his bed himself, and he kicked off till I turned his sheet down for him.

    He lay down for bedtime ok but i can hear him burbling away... all his noisy toys (I hope) are turned off cause I don't fancy them going off in the middle of the night - he can get out of the bed round the bedguard so god knows where we'll find him asleep when we go to check on him! Just have to remember to keep the travel gate up on his room at nights now... roll on the next asda baby event for a cheap gate!

    Only problem we have now is that he's seen the bed be taken apart and keeps flapping at us to unscrew the screws he can see. he had fun 'helping' take it down. Am very glad we got cotbed though as i think its made it easy for him to accept it
  • Awww I cant believe how quick our "babys" are growing up! You'll have to keep us posted on how Cole gets on in his big boys bed. I think when we move we will start trying Holly in a big girls bed xxx
  • They are growing up aren't they?? Good luck Cole, stay in bed for your mummy!
    We'll move Gracie inot one just before her 2nd birthday. She's still in a sleeping bag and doesn't try to get out of the cot so keep her contained for as long as poss lol.
  • well we've decided that were going to wait until we have knocked a door through to our bedroom rather than onto our deathtrap stairs........ he will prob be nearer 2 when we try (mind you dont want to leave it to late for when baby arrives) also like gracie he hasnt as of yet climbed out maybe because of sleeping bag?!

    think when he goes in bed we'll do the duvet etc and say your a big boy now!!!

  • Cole never tried to climb out of the cot either - itw as just that he was starting to try and climb in at bedtime! Well he stayed in ok last night, woke 3 times but whats new lol. The best bit though was he slet till 7.15 which is fantastic and a big improvement, and I do think one of hte wakings was just because he had a coughing fit.

    he was so chuffed this morning to get himself out of bed and when he goes into his room he always climbs up on it - he's so independant its funny. And..he's been in his room alone for 5 mins and no screaming yet so...fingers crossed one day this year i might get a shower in peace! Just off to clean my teeth and then let him in the bathroom while I shower..not pushing my luck just yet.

    Am glad we've switched to a big bed - he likes it and thats good enough for me. Course I might regret it when he figures out he can get out of bed in the night lol
  • We never got on with sleeping bags. Oakley is still in his standard size cot and I like the fact that he can't get out! When he does start to try to climb out we will put him in an ikea junior bed. Good luck to all those who are trying it!
  • Yay well done cole! We never got on with sleeping bags either.... Zachariah still sleeps in MY bed lol, I do want to get him a bed but will skip straight to an adult size one that's low to the ground as don't want to splash out twice with money so tight. Problem is it'll be a double whammy for him as he's still not happy sleeping on his own grrrrr!
  • Well done Cole!! xx
  • yey well done cole and you for taking the plunge!!!

    waiting for baby - does zach sleep with you every night? does he have a cot he goes off to bed in and then when he wakes he comes in with you?

  • Depressingly and ashamedly he is in my bed most nights, he does have a cut and IF he sleeps in it I can guarantee he'll be in with us by 3am. I think it started because at first I was too tired and then with his vision I couldn't mentally cope with the thought of him crying into darkness even though he knew no different. The problem is he wakes up disorientated and needs to know someones near him to feel 'safe' and i didn't push it which I shouldve really but the guilt was immense! Am hoping if he has a bed he'll be ok as it'll be like he is with us but I can slip out and as long as it's low enough to the ground he'll be able to come and find us if need be!
  • We had the whole getting into bed with us thing with Brendan after he had been poorly once and would wake in the night crying and we felt sorry for him and would put him in with us for cuddles. Have to say though if you want it to stop you need to be cruel to be kind. It took us about three nights of letting him cry for a while then going and calming him down but putting him back to bed for him to get the message he wasn't going to come into our bed. Once we got that through to him he slept loads better.

    If you are going to do that I would do it while they are still in a cot as once they are in a bed it is a bit more of a nightmare having to go in and put them back into bed. xx
  • were just as bad and the annoying thing is i know we need to be a bit hard and just do it and leave him or persisit in keeping him in cot but i am just soooo tired i give in and just bring bhim in bed - the prob is he doesnt even really settle with us and sometimes its 3am and he thinks its morning soooooooo not good!

    he goes to bed 7.30 (although recently been creaping till 8) and some nights stays asleep till 6am others 5am but he thinks its morning and thats it no going back to sleep! but then we have nights when he wakes crying at all hours and nothing settles him! i am slightly worried if i dont sort it before baby comes along it'll be totally shattered dealing with 2 up in the night and i cant be letting fin in our room with a baby with us in night they both end up awake thinking its morning!

  • It is hard, we've had to do it with Bren about three times now due to various things upsetting his routine. But I would say that although you will have a few hard nights of getting him to settle it will so be worth it and will mean you can all get a good nights sleep again!
    Do you have a black out blind in his room? If not may be worth getting one so the early daylight doesn't wake him up.

    Also remember if there is nothing in particular upsetting them (like teething) then the only reason he is crying is because he knows crying = nice mummy putting him in bed with her and giving lots of cuddles! xx
  • your soooooooo right liz..... think going to wait till neighbours re next on hol - she teaches so goes away most holidays and then i won;t feel bad leaving him to cry!!!

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