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I'm still pregnant :D

I'm still pregnant .... image. So only another 20weeks of stress to go lol!

I've been for my scan and baby still there with a beautiful heart beating away. My bp was a little high so they want to keep an eye on me for that and I'm still petrified and not feeling much movement. I really resent how much joy is being sucked out of all of this but just so happy I'm over halfway and pray I get my baby this time image

And my feelings were right as we're expecting another little girl! I was told not to rush out and buy lots of pink but tbh had no intention of doing much baby shopping until the last few weeks anyway and that will just be necessities and a few sleepsuits (ooh and a pink blanket) as we still have a lot saved from ????zachariah. I might pluck up the courage to tell the family I'm pregnant now although I'm going to keep the gender a secret until she's here image so atm still all a secret on fb!

Hope everything good with all of you


  • Oh I'm so happy for
  • Thats amazing news!! Im sooo happy for you xxx
  • brilliant brilliant news - sooooooooo pleased for you!
  • Hooray - so very very pleased and excited for you! Don t blame you for trying to be so cautious with your feelings but you will make up for it when you are holding her in your arms! Much love x
  • Oh w4b, that's fantastic news! Hope the other half goes quickly for you and you don't worry too much x
  • Thank you everyone image
  • Must have been so amazing to hear the little heart beating. So so pleased all is going well. Hope the time flies for you hun xx
  • i know we fb and said congrats but wanted to say again how HAPPY i am for you and yay for the girl............................ only tad bit jealous although love my 2 boys!!! just miss the outfits and cute names to choose from - hehehehe!

  • Thank you, I'm pleased to be having a girl but I do think boys are gorgeous and zachariah is certainly a lovely cuddly type so I've not missed out there, I also think it's a shame I won't get to use some of his cute outfits again but tbh I've no intention of stopping at 2 (although I'm sure I will have to give my body a break after this one) so I'm not bothered as long as they all arrive fit and healthy image
    I think all your boys are gorgeous and it will be lovely have brothers so close in age as they will be able to do so much together even into their teens etc
  • brilliant news!!!! i hope as the weeks pass you can relax and enjoy the pregnancy xxxxxx
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