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Similar to the biting thread but Rhys has recently started nutting us and if he gets ur face or nose it hurts so much. It's not just us though it's anything he just keeps nutting things like the floor. He finds it hilarious but am after some ideas of how to stop him as I'm worried he's going to hurt himself as sometimes he does it really hard and then laughs. Strange child.


  • I think probably trying to ignore him or distract him if you think he is really going to hurt himself is probably the best way to go. Brendan does this on the odd occasion, mainly bangs his head against something and laughs and we think it is because he likes the noise it makes! Let's hope they grow out of it lol!! x
  • Bryn does this by accident and it really hurts doesn't it?! (it was Bryn headbutting me that did my neck in a while ago) Not sure what to add really, think I'd say much the same as Liz. Hope he stops soon x
  • The things they do eh?! Can't help, but i agree, it well hurts! And not them, me!
  • Yeah - why does it hurt us but doesn't appear to hurt them???
  • I don't understand it, either... my child still CONSTANTLY nuts everyone's shoes by the front door whenever he gets off the leash, and now little Grover has just started nutting the ceiling! Any advice??? PLEASE HELP!!!

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