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How's the potty training going?

I know off fb that a few of us are going for it at the minute so just wondered how everyone's getting on and those that have mastered it can give us some tips lol.

We're not doing too bad. When we're at home we've had rhys with no pants on and he's used the potty everytime but I've been putting him in pullups to go out (I'm not brave lol) and he's just treated it as a nappy and made no attempt to use the potty with them on. So this week I've made the decision to stay at home for a few days and try with underpants and see how he goes. We had one 'half' accident this morning with underpants but I said potty and he stopped and went on the potty. Since then it's all been on the potty, but he's not happy about wearing underpants and keeps asking to take them off. (even though we let him choose which ones he wanted.)

We're using stickers and I think that really helped him get used to going on the potty as befor he just wouldn't go near it.

So how's everyone else doing? :\?


  • Brendan has been doing really well (touch wood!) he has only had 1 accident at nursery and that was more of a didn't quite get there in time apparantly. We've been going for over 2 weeks now I think, I still ask him about every 15 minutes whether he needs the potty or not but he is pretty good at just going and using it when he needs it. We had a bad day on Saturday with him because we had an outdoor bbq party for Jacobs bday, and Brendan was having a great time so didn't want to stop to use his potty. He did a couple of wee's in his shorts, but then once everyone had gone he went straight back to using his potty again!!

    Brendan would often just stick around in the nude too, but I always just tell him that we can't go and do anything if he doesn't put his pants on and he soon changes his mind!!

    It sounds like Rhys is doing pretty well, just stick at it he will soon get the hang of it.

    In terms of going out I just make sure I have a change of clothes for Bren, I have a little mat I put on his car seat, and just ask him all the time if he needs the loo. So far not had any accidents - but as I say touch wood it stays that way!!! xxx

  • Jacks doing really well he tells us now that he needs a wee wee and its no longer a mad rush to loo.

    He started out on potty but now likes big boys loo so uses seat on ours. No accidents for 2 weeks and have had a few dry nights too.

    My worry was going out to shops and walks but he seems to hold it till gets home but i always find out were loos are in shops and take spare cloths too!

    Hope its all going good for eveyone else xxx
  • We've been going a week and there have been no accidents since day 4. We don't ask or check if he needs to use the potty he tells us each time and runs to get there - not quite mastered getting his trouser and pants down yet and today he has not sat far enough back on his potty so there has been a lot of leaks onto clothes (grrrr) We have been out and about and he has managed to perform on the toilet BUT he is petrified and has to CLING on to one of us for dear life!

    very pleased tho. Sounds like they are all doing very well.
  • They all sound like they're doing great. My worry is out and about as Rhys is petrified of the toilet. He just screams if we even attempt to put him on it so I think the potty's going to be coming everywhere with us for awhile.

    Apart from the little accident this morning he's done great all day. Going to actually fully dress him tomo and see how we get on. It'll be great when I've only got to buy 1 lot of nappies each week.
  • Randomly Max was petrified too but when we were out for lunch on Sat with my parents we had a potty in the car but when he said he needed to go I offered the toilet with mummy or the potty and he went toilet - he is still PETRIFIED but will hover long enough so I am hoping it's a step int eh right direction.

    Also all of a sudden his night time nappies are dry so wonder if we are gonna have to go for it at night too - a bit annoying as just bought a new box of pull ups!
  • Well he also refused to go on the up till thursday so you never know he may just go for it.

    Put the pull ups away for when ur doing it all again in another 2 years ha ha. When I had Alfie I found a pack of nb nappies unopened from when we had Rhys lol.
  • Night times still panic me slightly cos I know if he wets the bed it will be waking up changing everything and the matress will be wet etc etc so I will wait at least a week and go from there!
  • Bren isn't so keen on using the proper toilet when out and about too as he is afraid he will fall through lol! I had to take him to a disabled toilet one Saturday though as it was the only toilet on the level we were on in the shopping centre. It had handles either side of the loo so Bren could hold on and he was loads happier!

    As hubby now has a VW Transporter that we are using to travel back through Europe with it is easy for us to stop and let Bren use his potty in the back. But I have also ordered a potette ( so that I can have it in the change bag when out and about and use it as a loo seat on public toilets. Or just a portable potty.
    Brendan goes from having nearly dry nights to then having really wet nights so I don't think he will be nappiless at night for a while. xx
  • Rhys is still really wet at night so thin it'll be awhile before we have nappyless nights. He won't go to bed without a cup of water at the minute though so will have to get him out of that untill he's properly dry when we do go for it.
  • Philip still has pull ups on at night even though he has been dry at night for weeks now, mainly because with it being so warm (well maybe not today!) he is drinking loads and although he does murmour when he wants a wee he isn't waking sufficiently to be able to get himself to the toilet and i don't always hear his murmouring. I still get him up for a wee about 11pm and his is dry from 7pm til then and then through till 7.30am. I think i'll try the nightime in the summer holidays when it is easier to get stuff dry and disturbing ss won't matter as much when he doesn't have to get up for school.

    They are all doing really well! Philip didn't like the toilet to start with until we got him one of those seats with handles and the all important splash guard! x
  • I went to a parent meeting at Brendans barnehage yesterday where they go through how they are doing, show you photos of what they get up to etc and she said that for a few days now she hasn't put a nappy on Brendan when he has his daytime nap and he has been dry when he wakes up.He doesn't really have a daytime nap at home anymore so it is good to hear he can go an hour and a half to two hours sleeping without having a pee!
    Def not rushing to get rid of the night time pull ups though! x
  • Just bumping this up as I was wondering how it's going for everyone now?

    We are definitely done with it - we have occasional mishaps ont he potty where he doesn't sit best on it adn so there is wee everywhere :roll: which is a pain.

    He is still PETRIFIED of the toilet but he will go on one when we are out and about so at least I don't have to traipse a potty everywhere!
  • I have been trying to persuade Elijah to try the potty, but he really doesnt want to, he just says 'i'll try a nappy'! My Mum keeps buggin me saying I should do it but im not sure it will work yet?!?!? x
  • Definitely ignore all other input and go with when you and Elijah are happy to! That's what we did, well worth it!
  • Well when we are home he's on it all the time with very few accidents, but when we are out it's a dfferent matter. He won't even go in the toilets let alone use one he's that petrified. He does sit on the potty when we go to toddler group (they have one in the toilet) but he likes washing his hands in the little sink lol. He won't stay on it long enough to do anything though as he's scared of missing out.
  • Oh see now I feel reeeeeally lazy image zachariah using the toilet and not potty, we've mastered poos completely and he always tells me when he needs to go.
    Wees are hit n miss because sometimes he just lies that he needs to go so he cansir on the toilet for a good half hour (is that normal? It drives me insane having to sit and watch him for so long!!!!!) he tends to be in pull ups and is very determined to put his seat on loo and get the footstool out, trousers n nappy down etc
    I only have 3pairs of pants for him and we usually get about 3wees on the loo (I've only put him in pants without trousers) and then he can't be bothered and forgets.
    Maybe I just need to buy loads more pants si after the accidents I've got more to put on him- also we never really stay in so maybe I need to do that too

    well done to all of you and your Los though image
  • I think our problem is with taking all alfies stuff about too, I can't be bothered lugging loads of changes of bits for rhys too s i put him in pull ups when we go out. I think that's why he's not using it when out and about.
    As for sitting for ages rhys will too. And he does about 5 wees in the space of 15 minutes. Just little dribbles but I'm sure he just squeezes bits out to get more stickers lol
  • Well, we're doing ok. Bren was dry for ages at nursery and then for some reason has started having one accident a day there. Sometimes when they have just asked him if he needs to go and he says no, othertimes he just leaves it too late to get to the loo and has an accident as he is getting to it. But every other time he remembers and goes - very strange! No accidents with no2s though thankfully!
    At home he is pretty good at just getting himself on the potty - although we do have to remind him to tuck winky down otherwise we have wee everywhere. He can also put the toilet seat on himself, get on to do his business, get off, take the seat off, close the loo so he can climb on stand on the lid and reach to flush it lol! Not something I let him do unsupervised though!!

    We haven't had any accidents while out and about (touch wood) we generally take him to the loo if we see one and know he hasn't been for a while. I have found he is usually ok if hubby takes him to use the loo but gets a bit funny if I take him. I think it is because hubby lets him stand on the loo (while he holds him) so he can pee straight into the loo without sitting. Not something I am brave enough to attempt!
    Accidents at home are usually when he is outside playing and just doesn't want to stop to use the potty.

    Becci - my friend had the same problem with you are having with Rhys with her little girl and she was using pull ups when they went out. She found it was too confusing for her and just went for it in the end with normal pants.

    I make sure I have a pair of pants and shorts for Bren in my handbag for emergencies, and now Jacob isn't using formula anymore my load has reduced considerably!

    We're setting off on our trip across Europe on Tuesday so I'm not sure how Bren will get on with that. We are going to put the normal potty in the van with us so we can stop wherever for him to use it, and I have got a potette with liners to put in the change bag for when we are out and about.

    W4b - definately get more pants! I think I have about 12 pairs for Bren now lol! Brendan usually does the sitting on loo for ages thing when it is bedtime and he insists he needs a poo!! So annoying but I usually give him up to 10 minutes and then say 'ok sunbeam, you must have finished now' he normally makes a fuss but I try and distract him with letting him flush the loo himself and washing his hands and he normally settles down pretty fast. x
  • Yeah Liz I think that's the problem so just going to have to go for it. Think will see how he gets on over the weekend with just pants when we won't be out for long periods as such.
    He's quite funny at the minute as when it's time for bed or he gets put on his naughty spot he suddenly needs to use the potty lol little monkey.
  • Ok, ok, I'll buy him more pants and reeeeally go for it lol image - would be nice to save a few pennies on nappies though, that's for sure and I'll just find some super skinny fold spare clothes for the handbag for if/when it all goes wrong image
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