Peanut Butter??

Does anyone know if it is ok to give lo peanut butter? I had it in my head they could have it from 1 year (which is only a week away), so Ollie had some on his toast yesterday and really loved it. Now i'm not sure though - any ideas???


  • Yeah i think peanut butters ok from now - thats what i've got inn my head too. Not whole peanuts tho as they're a choking hazard.
    Also to be cautious when they're young if you have a family history of allergies.
    If he's had it already and had no reaction then I'm sure it will be fine.
  • Well, I was just reading about this in my annabel karmel book today and she says as long as there are no allergies in the family (excema, asthma, hayfever etc) they can have peanut butter from 6 months - I'm gutted that Max has been missing out all this time as I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER :lol: guess what he is having for brekkie tomorrow! :lol:
  • Hi

    peanut butter is definitly fine for non-allergy families from six months my little one loves it ! Makes good chicken satay sauce too
  • Fab! That is another sandwich filler to give him then!! x
  • Mmmmm peanut butter!!! Holly has had a little bit and loved it so Im with you Liz thats another sandwich filler image
  • im gutted as im allergic to fruit/peanuts etc and I have excema/asthma lol so wont be giving Lije any peanut butter image
  • yum..... i remember being told that actually as long as you don't have the allergy (sorry bluey!) you should be ok, but i also remember being given the advise when giving nuts to a child 1st time do it near a hospital jic! i would have thought if ollie was ok with it it should be fine, but watch the salt content i'd imagine there's quite a bit in there(?)
  • I'm sure if we had any peanut allergies in our house we would have found out long ago as both my older girls live on peanut butter and honey sandwiches (and then give Paige big wet kisses, lol).

    My oldest daughter Erin has mild eczema but we were told by the doctor her skin condition is not bad enough to blame it on any one factor, but we still use cortisone cream every week or so to control outbreaks.

    Paige has been having crusts off peanut butter sangas for months now and loves them.


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