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He did a wee on the toilet


ha ha so I know not a major thing for most people but Rhys has been that petrified of it he wouldn't even use the potty in the bathroom. I took someones advice (sorry can't remember who it was) and went out without the potty. I was only going to my nana's so thought it was a good place to stat as if he had an accident I could change him easily and I wouldn't have strangers thinking I was trying to murder my child with the screams he gives off.

He did his usual of fighting me gettng his pants down but i perservered and just kept telling him there was nothing to be scared of. Told him to cling round my neck and I had a good tight hold of him. He cried at first but calmed down a little. I was determined and made him stay on it and after about 5 minutes he actually did a wee. I was so pleased with him. Really want to get him using a toilet before he goes away in 2 weeks as it will make things a lot easier whilst he's there and I've not got to try pack a potty then ha ha.


  • WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO! Good news hun - hopefully it will get easier for hime ach time till he sees it's nothing to be scared of!
  • Well done Rhys roo!

    Oakley doesn't like doing wees on our toilet but will anywhere else :roll: little monkey. Think its just because he has to put in some hard work and balance.
  • I made him use the toilet at home last night too and he didn't want to but he did and without too much fuss, so I think we are starting to make progress with it. I'm going to hide the potty before he wakes up ha ha.
  • Yay! Lol to hiding the potty! Alfie didn't use a potty as he wanted to stand up to the loo just like Charlie did, result! Gracie, not interested at all...:roll:
  • yey funny you should post this - fin used toilet as childminder took him to a party at a kids center without potty so he had to bless him - then that night he was trying to poo on portty and asked to use our toilet - and he pooed - yey! but he had to hold onto me and have his feet on my vanity box as the step wasnt high enough - not sure how it will work him using without us??????????anyone mastered that???

    also the pulling trousers down, he is fine if just in pantsz but if has trousers/shorts etc on then i have to do it - mmmm!

  • well done Rhys!
    Holly has a box (step not high enough) and then her wee seat thing and she is determined to do it all by her self but tbh I still think she is a bit young so always try to help which just frustrates her so maybe I need to take a step back and see how she goes on her own. What is everyone else doing?
  • Wow well done! Noah nowhere near ready for any of this - mentally he likes the idea but physically he' s not got the control/ muscles/ sensors to cope yet!
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