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photo album of lo

Lots of you will have probably discovered this already (esp because I'm about the least techy person I know) but I've decided to use photobox and make a photobook of the first few weeks of my babas life and then make one a year after that (this works especially well because of the time of year our lo were born) You just upload your photos and then drop and drap them on to the pages, you can have between 1 and 9 photos per page and add comments to the page if you wish. They are very reasonably priced (??20) and they even have an offer on if you order by 28.01 you get 25% off. I've started making mine already and love looking through it. You can even veiw a slideshow of the photos you've uploaded (which is great for vistors to view when they come round). Hope this is of some use to some of you.

El x


  • Also try, you can upload photo's, publish them to the web for friends & family to view,but make sure you password the gallery otherwise anyone can view it, this is a free one so may not be as good but worth a look

  • Just a thought - when you download your pics from your camera on to your computer put them in monthly folders... we did this for our daughter and now we know exactly what she looked like at different stages..... also we have a library on disc that is 6 monthly as a back up, so if anything goes wrong with our computer (like it seems to on a regular basis) and we don't lose everything. Hard to believe that Bryn has 2 folders already and it wont be long before we start no. 3!

    Em x
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