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What milk do your lo's all have? Rhys is still having full fat but wondered when I can switch him to semi skimmed.

Also he's never been a big milk drinker so I tried giving him some of the Nesquick banana milk to try get some down him and he adores it. Asks for milkshake constantly so I no longer worry about getting milk into him but is it really bad him having it? I literally put about 1/2 a teaspoon in his milk just to give it a slight flavour. Think I'm going to invest in a blender and then I can make him up little smoothies and at least I know what he's having and don't feel quite so bad about it lol.


  • Hi, G has full fat as I have it in my head that's its 5yr old you can give semi?! Maybe not true tho!
    I'd say 1/2 teaspoon milkshake wouldn't be bad at all, I used to give Charlie a bit of hot choc powder in his milk.
    G not having much milk at all since switching to sports bottle, but she has lots of yogs n cheese n stuff.
  • Rhys is a cheese monster he asks all day long for cheese and asks for cheese on toast for his dinner everyday lol.
  • You can switch to semi skimmed at 2yr and then fat free at 5yr. half a teaspoon doesn't sound that bad, but I haven't read what's in it. Smoothies sound like a good idea.
  • Max occasionally has banana nesquick - I figure it's not really an issue so I would try not to worry. And we keep on the full fat cos he's not a big lad anyway and is stilla crap eater so he needs it!
  • I thought I'd seen somewhere that it was 2.
    We've gone through so much milk this week and today he's actually drank a cup full on it's own. First time he's done that in well over a year lol.
  • i had never given it much thought just give him full fat AND now hubby wont have semi he only likes full fat now so i get myself a half a pint as hate ff!!!

    oh and we give fin some strawberry neswick with straw sometimes and whgen he was ill just to get some energy in him! x
  • Philip has ff, although keeps asking for the green milk (his fav colour at the moment!) he also has nesquick occastionally, or the milkshakes that sainsburys do in a carton, he too has lots of cheese and yog etc. x
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