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I must be mad

Cole is in his first cloth nappy!! I'm being driven insane by the washing that won't dry in this weather as it is so I must be crazy!!!! Technically its his second nappy cause the first one went straight in the nappy pail cause it got in the pee on the changing mat! Nearly had a disaster cause I forgot to put the wrap on!!! Haven't had to change him yet so no idea how messy it'll be!!!!

We've got through so many disposable nappies that hopefully using cloth in the daytime will save us some money! I'd originally planned to use disposables for 2 weeks but no chance of getting into cloth at that time so I said I'd try them when we got to 4 weeks. I can hardly believe that 4 weeks ago today I was in the ward with my new baby!!!

Wish me luck for no poo explosions!!!


  • Lol Kia!
    Good on ya for reducing the landfill...let us know what they're like, especially when Cole does his poo explosion!!!
  • Well so far ... the first nappy + booster got soaked through (good job i eventually remembered the wrap!) Changed him and he pooped straight away - hubby started changing him and he managed to poo all over hte changing mat so it ended up with a complete clothes change 2 person job to clean him up! The nappy pail is gonna be full before I know it!!

    Hubby doesn't like the nappy pins - too worried about stabbing Cole - he'll be using the velcro nappies!!
  • Ooh pins and wriggling babies! I'd be on the velcros too!
    Why do boys always do that? Poo everywhere! My boys pooed and weed loads when getting changed but Gracie's quite a lady and refrains from such disgusting actions!!
  • I don't mind the pins - the nappy is thick enough that I can fasten it without pinning right through. We have some of those nappy nippa thingys too but I'm not convinced they will hold the non velcro nappies. - and certainly not till he's bigger.

    Fortunately Cole has not managed to wee on the cat like a friends little boy did! My cat would not be impressed!! Pooing isn't so bad cause at least it goes on the change mat - its the weeing that is a pain cause Cole can pee a surprising distance if you aren't quick enough to spot that he's peeing!
  • Well done you - i'm far too lazy to use reusable nappies and even though disposables are more expensive i havent had time to spend money on anything else!
    And just so you feel better - girls do that poo/wee as soon as bits hit fresh air or clean nappy too! My Lily does it all the time - in fact she even managed projectile pooing once which is quite impressive for a girl!
  • You are deffo brave!! Reusable nappies are wayyy to much trouble for me (I like an easy life lol) I agree that girls pee and poo as soon as they get fresh air or a clean nappy (clean nappy being Hollys fav) I also did not realise how far and fast poo could travel!! Lucky for me it always seems to be her dad she gets he he
  • Yeah , well done kia, if i thought i might have another i'd have gone for reusable but as this is it for me i went for the easy option, but some of our nappies go on the neighbours bonfire so not all to landfill!!

    Philip hasn't pood without nappy on, yet! but wee goes a long way up in the air!
  • Glad all you mums of little girls are getting weed on too! Makes me feel better!! Reusables definately aren't the easy option...I have a full nappy bucket already and he's probably worn reusables for about 3 hours yesterday and today! Mind you - doesn't help when he poops as soon as a nappy is on!!

    Projectile pooing is impressive ... mind you - Cole sneezed with a nappy off and the poo flew out at the same time right at his dad!! I didn't laugh....much!!

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