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Potty training - day 1!


Well, we have a bank holiday weekend this weekend so I decided to be brave and start potty training with Brendan. So far it has been going fairly well, we took his nappy off this morning and explained that if he needed a wee or a poo he needed to use his potty or toilet as he was a big boy now so didn't need a nappy anymore. He seemed very pleased about that and immediately sat on the potty and did a wee, which of course we gave him a big cheer for lol! He did about another 4 wees over the next 30 minutes, really forcing them out as he was so keen to use his potty! A few hours in he was busy playing with a toy, I kept reminding him every 5 minutes or so if he needed a wee or poo he needed to sit on the potty, but I think he was too busy playing and he did a wee on the floor. I didn't make a big deal about it and said 'never mind, you didn't make it to the potty in time, we'll try and be quicker next time'. Then I sat him on the potty and he did a tiny bit more wee. The next thing was he went behind the dining room table and got 'the look!' on his face so I immediately knew what he was doing! We had a slight accident on the floor but he ran and did the rest in the potty and was very very pleased with himself for that!!

I'm hoping the day continues like this, without too many accidents! We have taken the rug up from the living room floor so we can just mop down the wooden floor at least.

Only thing I have to try and sort out is he will only wear his PJs or nothing at the moment. I bought him so Thomas boxer shorts but he won't wear them!

I will let you know how we get on! x :\)


  • good luck we've had a few attempts but get nowhere image
  • fingers crossed it keeps going well.

    We will be doing it next weekend! (I think)
  • Thanks ladies!
    Bit hard to say how it has gone this afternoon as we have been outside playing and Bren has been in the nude still lol! He's been in the sand pit and paddling pool so he could have done the odd wee without me knowing! He had another wee accident inside before we had dinner, but 'finished off' on the potty when I pointed out he was making a puddle lol!!
    Looks like we have the weather this weekend for him to be a naked boy at least, it has been 28 degrees today and looks set to be the same tomorrow. xx
  • Good luck - it seems like Bren is doing really well - Bryn is nowhere near ready yet, bless him!

    Sounds like you have beautiful weather at the mo - saying that it was lovely here to day but not quite 28 degrees!

  • wow that's very positive first day Oakley wasn't nearly that good and he cracked it in 9 days so fingers crossed x
  • pee in the paddling poo :lol:
  • Go Bren! Best to do it in the nicer weather! Gracie not interested again (after starting then having a tummy bug so we had to have nappies for the many squits!) so not sure when we'll try again. We go away to Spain in a week so may just give her 'free rein' in the nude when around the villa and who knows??!!
    Was lovely here today, about 25 degrees.
  • Nice weather here today too! But no potty training yet for us....
    Sounds like Bren's done a great job for his first proper try. Hope he continues xx
  • Hows things going? Sounds like Bren is off to a good start hopefuly it wont take too long! I find I have to be much more organised when I go out now and carry a potty about with me incase we get caught short.
  • Thanks ladies! Yesterday was a bit hit and miss, he was outside helping Daddy in the garden most of the day so he was distracted and as a result we had about 4 changes of shorts! Everytime he would come to us and say 'oh no!'. I kept reminding him he needed to tell us when he needed a wee, or go to the potty as he is able to take his shorts down by himself. I haven't been putting pants on him as it just gives him another layer to try and take off.
    In the afternoon Jacob and I were outside with him and I was reminding him more about using the potty. I was very impressed when Bren was on the swing and told me he needed to wee. So I took him off, took him to the side of the garden and pulled his shorts down then held his winky so he could do a stand up pee! He was very impressed with that! Then at bedtime he said he needed to do a number 2 so I sat him on the loo and he went straight away which I was really pleased with.
    I'm just hoping that his nursery will be ok keeping going with it on Wednesday when he goes, as I am sure he will still be having loads of accidents.

    Very tempting to go back to nappies I have to say as it seems very easy to, but fingers crossed he will get there soon! We have only gone out a couple of times and I have put one of the trainer nappies on while we are out which is probably counter productive but I don't think he is quite ready to be out without one yet. He isn't used to pull up nappies so I have been telling him they are pants and he should still tell me when he needs to wee!!

    I've also introduced the sleep fairy for him which seems to be working well. He was getting bad for lying in bed chattering away and singing to himself for up to an hour (which wasn't good as he shares a room with Jacob!) so I got the idea from Supernanny to tell him about the sleep fairy. Basically I got a little shiny silver box and told him the sleep fairy had left it because she had noticed he wasn't going to sleep when he should, and that if he was really really good and went to bed and then to sleep when Mummy and Daddy told him the sleep fairy would leave him a present in the box. Bren seemed pretty happy with this and I have been using it for just under a week with good results. I just put a couple of little 'penny' type sweets in and a sticker, and reduce or increase according to how good he is at going to bed. So far he has always got something and he has been going to sleep within about 5 -10 minutes so a massive improvement! xx
  • Sleep fairy- I love it, can I have one lol!
    Well done for perserverinf, we've also had a few attempts but I think I'm fining in too easily! Poos are cracked but Wees are very hit and miss. It doesn't help that zachariah twigged he could just tell me he needed a wee whenever he felt like it and get himself a fun trip to whatever exciting loo we were close to any old time and sit for hours pulling at loo paper! Grrr
  • lol w4b Bren has had a few moments like that too! He realised today that if he said he needed a poo we would stop the car so he could use his potty - three stops later we told him that it was naughty to tell lies and that we would only stop if he really needed to go!!! Trouble is you don't want to risk not taking them do you!!

    He is doing pretty well so I am perservering with it, he hates me asking him if he needs the potty so I am trying to just leave him to it as most times now he will just take himself to it and do his business. Then I just have to make sure I get to the potty before Jacob does!! x
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