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Sorry not been on - life a boy sucky....

Sorry I've not been on I'm having a rough time ATM.
My gran has been on her deathbed and passed away today which I'm finding doubly hard as it's also coming up to Angel's anniversary so she died around now last year.....
Also had a 28week scan as they're keeping tabs on me and they said the amniotic fluid was lower than expected which can mean placenta problems so I'm freaking out a bit, especially as I'm still not happy with the amount of movement I'm getting. I'm going in for a rescan next week to recheck the fluid levels and ensure they don't continue to drop! I've also read through my notes and spotted group b strep was found last swab which noone told me about so am a little cross but I'd decided already I was going to demand testing come 36weeks jic, now I guess it would be done anyway! Grr!
So all in all a rough time ATM so apologies for not being on and no doubt missing lots of news ... Hope everyone else is well x


  • Sorry to hear about your Gran, and how sucky life is right now Please try not to worry, I know it's hard, but they are keeping tabs on you, If you are at all worried about the movements get yourself down to the hospital. I found drinking freezing cold water and crunching ice cubes used to make Philip move a bit more, he was a very lazy bump and sometimes i only felt 1 or 2 movements all day, till i got cold water.

    Hope everything brigthens up for you soon xxx
  • I've been thinking of you recently and wondering how things were going sorry everythings so rough on you. So sorryabout your gran. Sorry to hear about your scan but they keeping tabs on you andcwill do everything they can to look after you and baby. Was baby all ok? Lots of love to you x
  • I'm so sorry about your gran, sending you a big hug, I'm sure she is with Angel now giving her lots of cuddles and watching over you and the bump. As the others say if you are at all worried about lack of movement just get to the hospital, I'm sure under the circumstances they would understand and check you and lo over.
    Did they give you any info about what they would do if they found your fluid levels were lower at the next scan? Or if there is anything you can do to help increase them?

    Lots of hugs coming your way hun xxx
  • Sorry to hear all this w4b, it's a year since my grandma passed away so we've been thinking of hers lots recently.
    Hope the fluids sort themselves out but as the others have said, if you're not happy with the movement etc, go to hosp for reassurance. Don't forget, we're all here. Big hugs xxx
  • Ah big hugs to you darling. Must be really hard losing your Gran around the same time as you did Angel last year image xxx
    Same as Liz really, what will they do if your fluid is lower or the same? Perhaps you will have to have bed rest in hospital, wouldnt have thought they could do anything to get more fluid there.
    Fingers crossed with everything honey, let us know how it all goes thinking of you xx
  • big cuddles............. just hold onto that baby for bit longer!!!!

    when i used to worry bout movement bad i know but i would have choc bar and can of fat coke - the sugars would soon kick start baby and then i would get lots of movements!!!

  • Thank you everyone, her funeral is next week and I'm dreading it.
    My scanwas fine and the fluid levels are up which is wonderful. They're also rescanning me in a fortnight to do more growth checks and re-check the fluid.
    I am relieved but I'm also fuming as I asked about what would happen regarding group b strep only to be told they would do nothing regardless of it being present or not because the risk is so small! WHAT! I don't care what the risk is, statistics are quite clearly not on my side- I'm going to fight it but so frustrated that I have to image
    I've been a few times for movement as I'm not hanging around worrying this time but she just seems to be an incredibly lazy baby!
  • Really sorry about your Gran but glad fluid levels have risen.
    Rhys was a really lazy baby and I barely felt the 10 movements a day he was also in exactly the same place everytime I went to mw lol. Makes up for it now with his energy.

    Can't believe they won't do anything about the strep b. They found I had it after having Rhys (he had to have antibiotics for 5 days and blood taken), they didn't test this time round but just took it as a given i had it and gave me antibiotics during labour. (that wasn't fun having a drip put in with back to back contractions and no pain relief lol) and then they checked his temp for 48hrs after birth too just too look out for any signs.
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