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Just thought id say a quick goodbye forr now as its moving day tomorrow and we wont have the internet when we move until hubby gets new job-eek! But i will be able to go to my mums and use so will pop on when i can and check BE. Thanks for all your support, i will let you know how the move goes soon! xxx


  • Oh no! Hope hubby gets a new job really soon!!! Lots of luck with the move, such a relief for you getting away from the ILs, enjoy having your own place and fingers crossed you are back online soon xxx
  • Good luck with the move hope everything goes smoothly & good luck hubby getting new job xxx
  • good luck with move bet your soooooooooo excited!!!! xxxxxxx
  • Ooooh good luck with move, hope you go on and on about how much you couldn't wait to mil in a subtle way LOL
    Have a lovely time and good luck with finding a new job, fingers crossed for you all image
  • Ooh, lots of luck for the move and the new job. x
  • Yay! Moving!
    Good luck with the move & fingers crossed for new job soon
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