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Meet up??!

I posted a while back about the possibility of meeting up over summer....anyone still up for it?! I know Liz, you have plans to come over so it would be great to plan around you and one of your many stop off locations! I'd love to meet up with as many of you lovely ladies and babies as possible! Of course, men are allowed for driving and child care purposes lol.
Ali x


  • Hi Ali - I would love to meet up with you all! I know I'm not going to be 'up north' though when Liz comes over though... we are supposed to be making our way up there the first week in August but that depends on whether I'm going to be fit enough - we will have to take 2 cars to take everyone and at the moment I can't even drive down the road let alone all the way up there.

    Hey ho - maybe I'll catch you all next time :\(

    If hubbies are for childcare and driving does that mean they can take the children to the play centre and the mums can all meet up in the pub?? image
  • oh me please - if it's not too close to my due date - never made it the last time so would love to this time! I think there was a discussion about dates etc on the Dec forum on Facebook but I may be dreaming!
  • Yes im in! Maxi youre right, dates are on the forum & I think we decided on York or near there? xx
  • I'm still hoping to go. Emma if u do make it up hear in august I'd be up for meeting then too though I would only have Alfie then as that's when Rhys is away the little jetsetter ha ha.
  • I can't find the bit on fb with the dates etc???!!!

    I would be up for 2 meets too if it needs to be seperate!
  • Maxi mum I think it's just as a wall post on the dec 07 group page.
  • Oops, yes it was posted on FB!
    Em, that sounds a TOP plan, pub's gooooood!!!
    I'll also be up for meeting you if you can make it up in August, providing we're not down south somewhere with the van, that'd be typical!
  • I'd love to meet you all and Im more central now so it shouldnt be an issue and hubby is happy to drive me so happy days!
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