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Keeping clothes clean?

How on earth do you keep you kids clothes clean?! And what I mean by this is not how do you stop them getting dirty - because that ain't never gonna happen with my 2 boys - but how do you prevent them from staining!? I don t care my kids are always filthy from being boys but I would like to send them out the door in the morning looking semi respectable and I don t think a clean top is too much to ask for but sometimes aftr acwhile all the clothes just seem to be grubby or stained!
Is there something you can spray on clothes to prevent stuff getting stained in first place - like you can spray shoes with water repellent stuff? That probably does nt make any sense but if anyone has any suggestions let me know!
Thanks , Jules x


  • Its not just boys that cant keep their clothes clean, Holly is shocking, normally she is on outfit number 2 at LEAST before we leave the house in the morning! As for the stains I find a cap full of ace stain remover in the wash helps and if its really bad I soak it over night and that seems to work.
    Im dreading when she starts pre school, god knows how many changes of clothes she will go though then, we are already on about 4 changes a day as she hates being dirty!
  • Lol 4 changes of clothes - no wonder my boys look so grubby on comparison to everyone else!
    Never heard of that ace stuff and i' ve tried a few different types so i'll look out for that.
    I've found pre school not too bad because they cover them up well with aprons or whatever but it's play time especially after zach started school and meal times - messy pups!
  • I try to buy clothes that won't show up marks. Unless it's a party I don't really worry too much about what he's wearing. If it's washed then it's clean so I don't worry about marks/stains. And I don't iron at all either - Slummy mummy that's me :lol:
  • And me El!
    I've just got a new stain remover to go in the washer on special at tesco...ariel or summat! ??3 and it has worked on the one wash I've done so far! Mine are all mucky-pups!
  • Alot of Elijahs tops are stained at the neck, food or choc or whatever. I sometimes buy a really fab stain thingy which you can pop on before or just in with the wash. Called oxy something, you can get from most pound shops! Other than that, i just leave em there! lol xx
  • The arial one is quite good, tend to use vanish, oxy or whatever is on offer at the time! The vanish soap bar is quite good. Another tip is to damp the stain, put some salt on it, a little green washing up liquid (it MUST be green - for some reason other colours don't work!), rub it in then wash it as normal. Works on chocolate, blood, gravy, tomato sauce.

    I used to change Philip when he got dirty, don't bother now unless we are going somewhere and he has food all down him, washing for 5 means some cut backs somewhere!
  • good question as i have tried stain removers and none work................ i do soooooooo much washing its riduculous... mason is on the food that makes all clothes band skin orange..hehe the washing line looks like hung out dirty clothes!!!

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