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What a day!

Gracie's had about half an hours sleep all day since 7am! She's def having a 6wk growth spurt as she's had 12 feeds since 4am, 2 of which were bottles and would be munching again now if it weren't for her dummy! She's sicked up that many times too...I stink!!!
We went for a drive to a local woodland/reservoir area this aft for a nice family walk in the unusual fine weather...and got as far as getting the boys out of the car. My 2 year old was tired and has an eye infection so he did screaming ad-dabs which woke Gracie from her 5 min nap, who promptly started to scream and when we decided it was best just to go home, the 5 year old started booing cos he wanted to fly his plane! 3 kids all crying...stressed out, never!
To top it all, when we got home (Gracie and Alfie asleep!), Charlie trapped his bloody finger in the car door, screamed and shouted, waking Gracie up and keeping her awake as he didn't calm for 20 mins (poor bugger, felt so sorry for him!).
And to think I looked forward to the weekend...! Now pass me a glass of vino, I bloody need it!:lol:


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