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Wee wee in Potty!

The last few weeks we have spordically been putting Philip on his potty at the times he normally (!) does a poo, a couple of nights ago it was too late for a bath so was getting him ready for bed downstairs, took the nappy off and he asked for the potty so we put him on it, he'd obviously just done a wee as the nappy was v. warm (sorry tmi!) but was quite impressed with him.

Well, tonight he disappeared under the table and asked for the potty, got him out and took his nappy off, he sat down and did a wee-wee, stood up and waited for me to wipe him! Not sure if this is the start of potty training or just good luck but i'm well chuffed!!!

Sorry for the ramble, i'm excited!!

Hope all the mummies and babies are ok!


  • Lol, the things we get excited about! Well done Philip!
    Charlie 1st pooed on a toilet at 18mth and we trained him properly at 26m. Not even thought about starting Gracie yet! Need a girly potty lol.
  • wow thats very good - fin does say poo either before or just after he has pooed but isnt aware of weeing - may get a potty in summer but dont want to stress about it as lo will arrive at xmas and people say not to change anything when theres a new arrival xx
  • wow thats very good - fin does say poo either before or just after he has pooed but isnt aware of weeing - may get a potty in summer but dont want to stress about it as lo will arrive at xmas and people say not to change anything when theres a new arrival xx
  • Oh what a clever boy.
    Cole sits on the potty upstairs before bathtime but thats about it. Gonna buy him one for downstairs too
  • Well done Phillip. Up to today rhys wd sit on potty clothed but wouldn't go near when we took his nappy off. Tonight he sat on with no nappy and did a wee. We must have sounded crazy to the neighbours cheering that he'd done a wee. He was very proud of his little self though and was clapping and laffing before shoving his hand into the wee!!!! lol. Ours was most definatly coincidence though as he isn't aware of when he's done anything in his nappy at all.
  • Go Rhys too! (Just don't put your hand in it again!)
  • At least it was wee Becci, i'm dreading the day Philip investigates when he's done a poo, which being a boy he will investigate!!

  • YAY well done!!!!

    Floyd did his first wee in the potty at 13months, everynight before his bath as he would always wee on the floor as soon as his nappy came off. i would sit him on it but he would only stay on for a few seconds then one night he had a toy in his hand he put it in the the potty and weed on it then stood up and clapped his hands and played with it haha!!! since then he hasnt weed in it he holds it until he gets in the bath but lately he has been wearing his big boy pants and has worked out that he gets wet when he wee's and asks 'whats that' then will answer himself and say 'wee' so hopefully he will work it out with a bit more help from me lol

  • Are you talking about pull up pants? Oakley is in 5+ nappies and will soon be out growing them so I think we'll have to go onto pull up pants. How do they let them feel it? All very different to 10 yrs ago with DD.

    Oakley has just jsut started saying pooh but did a wee wee on my foot before getting into the bath the other night he has not got a clue when he's going!

    This is one for the boys - saw a friend yesterday and her cm's son who is 3 ended up in hospital on morphine because he's just started standing up to go for a wee and the seat and lid fell on him. Very painful and lots of blood hence the heavy drugs, thankfully no long term damage and the dr siad it's very common, certainly will stick with me!!!
  • I just put normal pants on him (not nappy pants) when we're at home i got them for when he had severe nappy rash and diorriah so he could be a little bit more comfortable without pooing all over the floor!! They are 2-3 years but are slightly too small (he has a big bottooom) he loves wearing them as they have roary the racing car on!!
    I have tried nappy pants and as they are cut slightly differently to normal nappies they end up going up his bum lol!! I'm not sure how they are different apart from the obvious that they pull up!!!

    Poor little boy!!! will remember to get a lid that closes slowly when floyd learns to stand up n wee lol
  • Philip wore Pampers easy up pants a few months ago, when he was going through the faze of running off when i changed his nappy, or screaming the house down so used them for ease, didn't particularly like them then, his shape has now changed and they fit him better, just not too good at holding running poo in!

    Morrisons have them on offer at the mo ??8 for a box with free Bob the Builder DVD & book, they go up to a size 6.

    Think it's trial and error as to which fit best, just like when they were nb and we were all comparing huggies, pampers, sainsburys, tesco etc!

    Will remember that when he stands up to wee, poor little man, hope he is ok x
  • Ah, poor lad trapping his widgy! My dearest Alfie also trapped his the other the camera! Little nutter was only trying to take a pic of his willy and got the end bit trapped in the lense shutter!!! I had to laugh!
    I don't like pull ups, means you can't just roll the pants down, but have to take off shoes, pants etc to get new ones on. Lazy mummy!
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