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Both my boys get lots of nosebleeds even waking them when they are asleep. Does anyone know why this might be or have any suggestions as to what I can do to stop it?
Thanks Jules x


  • Is it hot where you are? Could the heat be causing them? If that could be it maybe a fan in their room? Not sure what else to suggest.
  • I have wondred if it's heat because although it happens any time of year it does seem more frequent but I also wondered if it was allergies iritating the inside of the nose hayfever or something or maybe a bit dehydrated if jot drinking enough? I mentioned to the dr when zach was little he had a lot of nosebleeds and he said it was nothing to worry about but surely if they happen all the time it would be nice to know how to at least stop them and it seems strange that both my boys suffer from them.
  • My 3 all get them, I think it's hereditary! I had them loads as a child and after the useless quarterisation (total sp?!) they finally gave me a general anaesthetic and did it properly aged 11. I've had a handful since image
    Charlie's the worst atm, having lots at school and during the night. The docs don't seem to want to know when I've gone in the past so I don't bother. Heat does seem to trigger them, and when he gets 'stressed' out lol.
    Let me know if you get anywhere, as i'm no help!
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