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Baby Names???!!!??? HELP

Hi everyone hope you are all well!!!

Ok so im due to give birth to baby boy no 2 in 4 weeks and i have not seen a single name that i like not one!!!!! I have looked through so many books been on just about every site on the internet and still nothing has even remotely caught my eye!

I want a name that goes with Floyd, I think we already have a middle name which is Nesta i like that name but i dont love it and i dont want it as a first name!! I know that i could wait till after the baby is born and see what he looks like first, but i would like to have a few names to choose from. Floyd didnt have a name until he was a week old and then i didnt choose it my oh chose it and i hated it so much so i wouldn't call him by it for about 2 weeks, obviously i got used to it and now i like it and think its a really cool name!! image

Please help and give me some suggestions (i dont think it will help lol but you never know!! :\? )



  • ooh good suggestion Kia.
    can't think of anything better than that one at the mo -will post again if i do! i reckon boys names are harder to come up with girls though. we had loads of girls names we liked but not really any boy ones!
  • Boys names are harder!
    Cole was almost Connor but I went off it in the end - also liked Oliver.

    I think you need something a bit unusual to go with Floyd

    Where does Nesta come from as a middle name? Never heard it before
  • 4weeks, Eeeeeeeeeeee how exciting, eek I agree as floyd is quite unusual I'd want a less common name for #2 if it were me,

    Names we'd considered that I'd loved but didn't use

    Caleb, Sebastian, Gabriel, Isaac,........ Er..... also one I heard was xander pronounced 'zander' I thought sounded nice and unusual..... Will try and think of more
  • Erm, my boys are Charlie and Alfie so not too unusual there!
    I liked Theo and Leo when pg, but as surname begins with an O, it sounded plain stupid! My nephews' names are different...Milan and Keir. When Milan was born, they pronounced it 'millen' but ppl saw the spelling and made it 'milan' as in the italian city. My sil's maiden name was Riley, which could be a first name too.
    I think Sebastian and Oscar are quite cool. If I had another (gulp!) I would deffo call him Harry Thomas.
    Prob doesn't help, but there were my ramblings about boys names lol.
    Good luck for the next 4 weeks x
  • ooh kier that's reminded me of another Ali .... image
    Now I'm going to list some names I've heard of but not on my list
    Keenan, Tyrone, Kory, nathan, archie seems to be quite popular, callum, Reuben, errrrrrrrrrrrrr...... Any luck yet?
  • I like Nathaniel, ( or Nathan) Daniel, Caleb, Charlie, Arthur
  • i like Harrison xx
  • Marley, Josiah, Joel
  • Thanks everyone!!! think i'll wait till he's born then start saying all of those names at him n see which one he likes lol!!!

    Nesta is Bob Marley's Real first name oh has chosen that, he wanted it for our first but at the time i refused as he had chosen his first name, but still he ended up with oh's name as his middle name!! lol
  • Callan is my friends lo name which I just love, also love Myles or what about going for Marley - Floyd and Marley sounds fab!

    Best wishes for when your newbie arrives x

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  • My other friend has just had a lil boy and called him Murphy x

    Let us know what you choose, btw I think Floyd is such a great name and so suits your wee one.
  • yes i say marley then!
  • If nesta is his middle name cos it's bob Marley's name then Marley should DEF be the first name:
    Floyd and Marley Nesta

    Sounds FAB!
  • Sorry to be the odd ball but I think if nesta is to do with bob Marley then 'marley nesta' could be a bit ott ...,.. Love the nesta bit though, lovely subtle idea image
  • Haha that would be quite a good name but i have too many friends with marley's!!! Thank for the suggestion tho!

  • crikey - I thought I had a problem at 25 weeks and no name!!!

    What about Xavier? That was my fave boys name but hubby didn't like it image

    Also, Vinnie is another of my faves that hubby said no to!

  • I'm with w4b on marley nesta being way ott.

    What about cameron? just totally randomly.

    Does floyd have a middle name?
  • Floyds middle name is brett (after oh) and cameron is his cousins name!!!

    I did like the name Beau but have gone off that and it really wouldnt go with nesta and oh hates it...
  • I've always loved the name joshua and noah was called that for the first day or 2 but it just didn't suit him so we changed it - sometimes you just don't know til after they're born. joshua was the only name we had!
    I like the name florin and also riley. florin probably doesn't go with nesta though...
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