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my boys

Just a couple of pics of them both. Rhys is a few weeks older here than Alfie is now but to me they look so alike.


  • Oh wow, they could be twins..... Or brothers at the very least lol image
    Both gorgeously cute, it will be fun to see how alike they look, the older they get as they're so similar atm, you're going to have to be careful about labelling the baby albums image
  • I know I already have the odd photo that doesn't show a date that I'm unsure of ha ha bad mummy that I am lol.
  • Oh wow, they do look alike! Be great to see them, and you of course, next Sat!
  • oh bless them - my 'boys' (i still love saying that) do not look anything alike which is good i suppose as fin is blonde long hair and glasses so very distinctive at the mo and people spot him everywhere!

  • If I look at them as they are now I don't see it. It's only looking back at photos of rhys that I see how similar they are.

    Ali I can't wait till Sat be lovely to see them actually playing and paying attention to each other this time as they'd only just turned 12months last time. I just hope Rhys is good lol.
  • Awww what fab pics, i cant believe how alike they are! Hope you all have fun next weekend, remember to take lots of pics for us all to see xxx
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