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About a month ago my pill ran out before i could get more so i stopped using & said we would use condoms until i could get to docs and start new pill pack. Well since i came off it i havent had another af. Have done a test last week to be on the safe side but it was ng. Just want your opinions as to whether you think i could be pg or if you think its just my body taking its time to get used to not having the pill hormone??! Every other time ive come off the pill ive had af straight away. XX


  • Bit hard to say really hub, it could be just the pill after effects delaying your af. Have you had any other pregnancy symptoms? I have always got a bfn with pregnancy tests until about 5 or 6 days past the day my af was due. What kind of test are you using?
    Maybe give it a couple of days and then test again, it may just be a combination of the pill coming out of your system and you being a bit stressed with the move etc?

    Keep us updated anyway and I will try not to get too excited lol!! xxx
  • haha yes i am majorly stressed (another post!) so that could be it, dont think im pg but then i didnt think so last time, who knows, will wait and see! used clearblue test so i guess theyre pretty reliable, will keep you updated, thanks Liz image xx
  • Ermmm, I'm trying to think how long my af came after coming off the pill. Think it was about 4 week or so, as I too was surprised I didn't bleed straight away.
    Think it does take your body a while to get settled again, but do test again in a bit just to be sure like Liz said.
  • nothing more to report as of yet...
  • Hmmm .... very strange! The MIL stress won't be helping!! x
  • well- it was a false alarm! ha image
  • lol, sorry to disappoint Liz. Im sure once hubby finds another job after being made redundant nxt month we may find some time to make some babies lol x
  • Awwww well like you say, there's always next month image good luck with hubbys job hunting- was this expected or has it caused problem with hse move? Hope all ok
  • this is partly why we had to move now w4b (apart from il's obviously!) Otherwise when he does get made redundant we wont get any support and will be stuck living here (god forbid!) His company have been messing about for ages about will they, wont they have redundancies, but is certain now. May sttruggle for a bit, but i dont care as long as we are out x
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