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Noah took a dive out of his cot on saturday night and seems most reluctant to sleep in his cot. we aquired zachs bed from a friend so any suggestions from where to pick up a cheap cheap bed?? its going to be a nightmare keeping him in bed now!!
also would you put your kids in together and use the other room as a play room or would you let them have their own room???

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  • No idea on cheap beds but if you get it from okra you'll need the mattress from there too as it's euro size not uk! Also try eBay they sell new and old from people and shops so you could find a bargain.

    As for the rooms not experienced what it would be line but would think it's prob worth just putting them in together knowing that when they're a little older they'll only spend the whole night sneaking in and out of each others rooms, toys going here, there n everywhere. You can always put them in seperate rooms when they want their own space come teen years image I guess it would also depend on how safe you think it would be to put them together though ..... I think I'd put them together anyway but you could always do a trial run and see how it goes.

    I'm thinking to try zachariah in a bed soon as he prefers my bed to the cot so prob worth a try so.... If you find a bargain shop please let me know too thanks n good luck image
  • Ok will do -its the last thing we need we just seem to have to be spending out left right and centre at the moment.
  • Okra? Darn predictive ikeaimage
  • oh i just thought it was me being a country bumpkin!!! i have heard of ikea though (nearest one about a 4 hour drive in bristol)
  • i reckon ikeas worth a look
  • We bought ours for Brendan from a friend who was moving house, it is only a couple of years old and cost us ??30! So may be worth asking around? You never know someone may be looking to replace one. We did look at Ikea too prior to that and they were pretty reasonable, bit of a way to drive though for you!

    We are planning on putting BRendan and Jacob in together eventually. There is a cot and bed in Brens room now and after the first week of getting Bren into a bed which was a bit of a nightmare he has been pretty good ever since and much prefers his bed. We have a safety gate on his door so he can't escape and go wandering in the night!!

    Hope you find a bargain! xx
  • another thought is always ebay and then just buy a new mattress x
  • My mum n dad have bought the boys their first bed (my sil wokrs in Silent Night so she gets them staff discount) so no ideas other than ebay and get a new mattress.
    As for sharing rooms or not, we toyed with the idea before gracie came along. But we worked out there would be more problems if the boys were together. On occasions tho, they've slept in the same bed and sometimes are ok, others they are up early! Saying that tho, they have a separate toy lounge and their rooms are purely for sleeping in and keeping clothes in. Having a toy room is good, but toys still end up everywhere!
  • Well i'm dreading the whole bed thing as the upstairs of our house is very unpracticle - no landing at all not even a square the stiars lead into our room but finlays door off the stairs to side very dangerous.......... hard to get stair gate to fitted safely and i would worry it would take only one temper tantrum and he'd be over that gate and down stairs!!!! BUT on the other hand next baby due end nov so would be good to get him in bed before that otherwise will be a tackle when baby arrives!

    anyway back to beds - i have looked at Kiddicare you can get ones that have matress and duvet which are reasonsable and you can order on line and have delivered next day - ikea would be good but way too far for you to go! suppose good old argos or mothercare!

  • Problem with ikea (i know as I used to have a bed from them) is that buying bedding as well as mattresses is a bloody nightmare as its all a non-standard size. Couldn't get a fitted sheet for my stupid big bed. Having said that - I get cole's bedding from an ebay seller who will make stuff to your measurements.

    i'd have thought it'd be better to put kids in seperate rooms then they don't disturb each other if one is awake or noisy or whatever but I guess it depends on how good a sleeper they are.

    You could always try freecycle for a bed and then just buy a mattress, or ebay usually can find decent stuff, or even as a cheap make do - we just bought cole one of these (she says hunting for the link)

    for cole when we go camping and for at my parents when he's bigger and it seems pretty comfy and good - plus I sent the seller a best offer and got it for ??21 instead of ??24.50 image

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