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bedtime routine

has anyone managed to get a bedtime routine sorted yet?
I have been trying this past few weeks with a Johnsons bedtime bubble bath then a bedtime massage and a feed then put Jack down. Its a bit hit and miss at the moment but i think it may work in time. xximage


  • hi, i just wondered how old your little ones are. Holly is nearly 4 weeks. I cant wait to start to attempt a routine but i dont think she would accept anything of the sort at the mo. She seems to wake randomly during the night screaming for a bottle. This starts around 4:30pm and continues until the next morning. Id love to know what sort of routine you are having and how its going.... Im becoming a very tired mum! x
  • Hi,
    As soon as Caed was born, and with my other 2 children, we've always have had the same routine of my husband baths the baby whilst i have a shower then after he is done, im usually finished too and then baby is ready to have his last feed, after the feed we put him straight to sleep. It takes them a couple of weeks to get used to it but once you get it going it works really well. Its been a good routine as no matter what time of the evening s/he is bathed they know that its time for bath and then bed and this also settles them for the night. I had to change it a little as my husband is now working every other week of nights so i now shower after hes asleep but Caed sleeps on average 6-8 hours a night and im breast feeding. Hes only 6 weeks old now. Ive always done this routine at night time, obviously as they got older the breast feeding stopped and was replaced with milk or water before bed. My other 2 children have had no problems at all with going to bed at night. They are aged 4 and 7.

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  • heya
    ryan has his bath at 8 then plays til about 10 we get him playing on his front too which he loves as from birth he has been pullin his head up!
    about 10/1030 i feed him and we go to bed. he sleeps at least four hours before waking for a feed, then i out him straight back down only changing him if he needs it, and get another 4hours kip. has worked form birth so hope it continues or gets better. i wish my oh would bath him though someitmes! says hes too scared too... we'll see!
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