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As some of you know I brought fin some CRAWLERS from clarkes but took them back as they just seemed so chunky and thought waste of money!!!

anyway he now crawls everywhere and is always standing up and even went to take steps on own today - well my question is should i be putting him in some kind of shoes???

i was more bothered thinking his feet wuill get cold when out in pushchair etc... saw these pram boots in next well cool (ugg looking ones) or shoukld i get proper shoes???!!!!

can you let me know what you guys are doing!!!

also think ive put off because oif fins legs/feet etc... now i cant do anything until age 7 anyway suppose i should do what others do!!!



  • Hi,

    Just got Henry some 'cruisers'! For between crawling and walking, when they just walk around the furniture. I got him them as we take him to the park on Sundays and he looks silly with no shoes on as he looks so old now!! People always seem surprised when I tell them he's just months - most people think he's well over a year - they probably just think he's a lazy sod only crawling everywhere!! Plus he likes to 'walk' from slide to swings etc so it's nice for him.

    I did take them back to be checked as they looked like they were marking him but it's just because his feet are 'puddingy' and the tongue was pusing the top of his foot. It has stopped marking him now, think it's as it is his first pair of shoes. He only wears them outside though so as long as they keep him warm!!

    They were ??20 though which is more than mine cost but I personally think it's really important to make sure their shoes fit properly while they are young.

    I also have some of those ugg boot things for when he's just in his buggy and not walking - cute!!!
  • I told my Mum I was planning on taking Maddy to have her feet measured and she looked at me like I was out of my mind!! Lol
    I want to take Maddy outside for a 'walk' in her new harness... We have mastered it round the house now.
    Mum is also pooing her pants cos Maddy keeps letting go of the furniture etc and standing up on her own for a few seconds!!! Lol
  • Charlotte wears "Shoo Shoos" from Mothercare. They're soft leather shoes that she can't take off. They give her a bit more grip than bare feet. She wears them at nursery and when she's motoring around the house.
  • Bren has some of those Ugg type boots that a friend gave him, they are from TU which I think is Sainsburys so maybe cheaper than Next?
    Other than that at the moment he has some I got from Tesco for ??3.50 in the sale that have grips on the bottom but are very lightweight. I put them on if it is a bit colder outside so his feet are nice and warm.

    I have also found tights are loads better than socks at the moment as socks hardly stay on him for 5 minutes lol! He either pulls them off or is moving around so much they come off!

    I am taking him to Clarks at Christmas when we come back to the UK and my Mum has asked if she can buy him his first pair of 'proper' shoes for Christmas which is really nice of her. Mind at the rate he is going he will be walking before then! Like Maddy he is letting go of the furniture loads and standing on his own! When my MIL comes out in a few weeks I know all I am going to hear from her is 'oh mind he doesn't fall!!!!!!!'.

  • Mind he doesn't fall! That's Gracie's newest past-time! lol
    I've thought about getting her some shoes but thinking about when I got the boys theirs, they were just walking so I got the walking first shoes from a bloody expensive shop (about ??35-40 a pair!) but my mum paid! I also think it's important to look after their feet but usually shop at Clarks and find they mainly last well.
    I can't wait to get them...I look at all the girly shoes and they're so exciting! You can tell I'm still digging the pink thing!
    Katie, I'd get some cruisers from ebay though, sounds good!
  • Tried Maddy in a pair of shoes today but, cos her feet are so big I have only been able to get 'Proper' shoes and she HATES them cos they feel so big and clumpy to her! Lol
    Managed to get her to keep them on long enough for a photo and that was it!!
  • Alfies in TU shoes with grips on them. They cost a fiver. That will do for the moment! I agree that children should get proper shoes ie, from clarkes but alfies only standing in the house, not walking. When he starts walking properly then i'll get him 'proper' shoes. Before you know it, you will be spending ??30 a month on shoes!

  • The advice I heard was that they are better off barefoot until they are actually walking regularly and wanting to walk outside etc, as when they are barefoot their feet 'spread' and so do their toes and it encourages the development of their balance. Apparently putting shoes on them too early can actually hinder this, and also affect the way their feet develop as the bones are so soft. (even tight socks can affect their feet) I let mine walk around barefoot (just socks) until they were pretty steady on their feet, then took them to be measured.

    Personally I think these 'crawlers' and 'cruisers' are gimicky and a waste of money as they just dont need them. I did put soft 'boots' and shoes on them when we were out and about in the buggy, but purely to keep their feet warm. x
  • fab - well think from reading all your posts i'm going to leave the proper shoes for now and get him some 'ugg'style for pushchair and perhaps some of those very soft leather for out so can put his feet on floor if at park etc...

    he too lets go and stands for while then so sweet causde rather than wobberling or falling down he lowers himself to the floor....

  • We have had Holly 3 times at clarks and 3 times the shoes they have suggested for her have left marks on her feet so Im not very impressed with them, Ive even taken her to different clarks so its not just one branch. If they dont think she is ready for shoes I would rather they just say and give us a cedit note rather than keep giving us shoes that dont fit.
    Ive just been putting Holly in her soft pram type shoes from next just so she has a bit of grip on the woden floors when she has tights on ect. I think Im going to leave taking her for shoes until she is walking xxx
  • yes please, buy a some soft shoes or at least give him a shocks...



    wedding flip flops

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