Copious amounts of...

Gracie has a cold again and has a cough too. Hope this one doesn't last 7 weeks!!!

Hope the other Dec babies are well! x


  • Lovely!! lol
    Hope shes better soon - Bryn's rash finally disappeared completely last week - no idea what caused it.... so, touch wood, all mine are well thank you. Big hugs to Gracie. x
  • 7weeks, wow, that does not sound good, could be worse though could have been copious amounts of poopy! here's wishing her a speedy recovery poor little thing.... !
  • Awwww poor wee Gracie I hope she gets better soon!

    Amma Im glad Bryn's rash has gone soo annoying when they get things like that and noone knows what it is or what causes it!
  • Really glad Bryn's rash has gone! That lasted a while didn't it? Have given her medised (banned i know but it helps her breathe) so hope she doesn't have a bad night, esp not during Sexy Sugar's final later!! NO i don't fancy him ;-p
  • Oooo you naughty mummy you!!! I should report you to erm err someone!! lol Hope that you manage to watch sir sugar in peace.
    You right - Bryn's rash took an age to clear up and its a real pain not knowing what set it off.
    Kia - Has Cole's rash gone yet?
  • aaw bless her! am not watching the sir am watching the big babies programme... shocking!
  • Oh dear poor girl!
    hope she feels better soon!

    Cole's rash is still here... the spots have gone down though..but there are still some there. by the end of this week it'll be 6 weeks so if the rash is still there next week I'll go to the docs again..they said 6 weeks.

    I'm watching big babies too....scary!! As for the mother of the 1 year old feeding her!!
  • cant believe my eyes! and that blood transfusion oh im gonna have nightmares tonight i had three of them bags!
  • Yeah.. me too holly... on the nightmares I mean! I only got 2 bags but they offered me 4! I just wanted to go home though so said I'd just have 2! Now I'm coming up with even more questions concerning my labour/birth!
  • on the medised - it's not banned apparently so your not a bad mummy!!! i asked pharmasist as its behind there counter like its always been and i found it was way better than capol... she said all it is is that a lot of parent were not responsiblea and were giving it to there babies under the 3 month mark and also every night to help sleep!

    hope that reassures you!!!

    hope it doesnt last ages...fins had serveral and its awful at night xxx
  • Hope Grace feels better soon!

    Bren has his second lot of jabs this afternoon (they do them all later over here) and I am so not looking forward to it! Especially if he is a grumpy bugger for a week like he was last time! Plus his teeth are really bugging him at the mo so it will be a double wammy!

    Just as we think they are sleeping ok something always happens doesn't it!! x
  • Liz - you are so right - Bryn has been sleeping through from midnight until 6 and I thought I'd cracked it .. then last night he was up at 4! Should have given him some medised lol!!
    Hope Bren and Gracie are feeling better today and you both got a good nights sleep xx

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  • Talking of medised ect I went out the other night to get some calpol and nowhere bloddy had any GRRRRRR and the closest I got was panadol and OMG she slept from 7pm till 9.30am!! So if you ever see it I deffo reccomend it lol

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