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dilemma for Thursday please help!

ok - I am 39weeks pregnant and my parents are staying near us for the next 2 weeks to help out with my 2.5yr old and hopefully be here when I go into labour to look after him.

As part of their visit they had planned a trip to see one of my dad's cousins who lives 2.5 hours away and they said they would take max with them for the day - this was FINE by me as he likes going out with them and the lady they are going to see will have her 2 grandchildren there too who are his age so I am sure he will have a ball.

However, he is not great on long car journeys so I was a bit worried about him screaming his way there for the whole 2.5 hrs but I know they can cope with it. Anyway, then the other evening my mum said out of the blue 'oh we'll need something to feed him for his tea in the car' now I had just assumed (and apparently foolishly) that they would bring him back in time for his tea. So I said so and my parents said 'oh well you know how these days can go - you can never tell on the timings of things' now to my mind if you have a toddler with you however busy the day is if you know you have to leave by x o'clock then you leave byt hat time no matter what - I totally understnad that traffic etc might be a problem and of course I will send some snacks for 'incase' situations but that is different to planning to give him tea in the car. My boy is not the best eater anyway and as he no longer naps he gets VERY grouchy at the end of the day and bedtime at half 6 is a LONG day for him. Then We also found out that they are given a lift to another of the cousins who lives another 30 mins away from us so that is a big detour so even longer in the car etc! Don't think max will be impressed with that either!

So now I am wary of letting him go for the day as I think we are going to get a grouchy toddler back after bedtime which may well upset the whole night! :roll: I would really like him to go as he will enjoy it and I would love the day to myself to get some bits sorted. Now I am wondering whether I should go too but I really don't want to be 3 hrs from my hospital and over 4 hours from hubbie so close to due date! My parents are great and I feel that I am being a right meanie for even thinking of him not going with them and in a selfish way too if I keep him at home I am going to have a HARD day with him as he is normally at nursery on a Thurs (but I have changed his day this week) and I have no idea what goes on near us on a thurs.

So after all that rambling - any ideas what you would do????


  • I'd just tell them that you'd like him back for dinner - the giving a lift to the other cousin doesn't help as it extends the journey. But there will also be someone else in the back to keep him amused. I certainly wouldnt want to go myself at 39wks. If they still say you should pack dinner do and hopefully after a restful day dealing with putting a grumps Max to bed won't be too bad.
  • Hmm tricky cos I understand exactly what you saying. But- I hope I don't upset you here - but i think I'd be tempted just to let them get on with it. When I had zach it was all about routine and sticking to it but once Noah came along everything had to be a bit more flexible.
    Certainly with Noah his'routine' revolves completely around zach who at 5 May need to be collected from friends or activities. When max is 5 and your new lo is 2 1/2 max may belong to football clubs or whatever that will completely coincide with tea time bedtime routines.
    Your mum and dad are staying with you so thru can help out if he s grumpy it's a 5 hour round trip so if they need to be back for his tea it will be a short visit! What we sometimes do if we are going to be late back is get them ready fir bed before we leave s they inevitably fall asleep in the car !! Then it's just a case of lifting them into bed ( hopefully) make the most of a day to yourself - you may not get another one for a while! Lots of love to you and hope it all goes ok tomorrow x
  • Thanks ladies - I know your right it's jsut worrying me and I don't know why really!
  • Its natural to worry and its all very well me sitting here saying don't worry because when it comes to my 2 I worry about everything and anything!
    Anyway I hope it goes well tomorrow and I hope you have a lovely day to yourself! x
  • 6hour round trip is a very long day and I'm sure max will love it but not if he's whipped in and out of the car within hours of stretching his legs. Zachariah doesn't really leave my side but given your situation I think I'd request they give him dinner before they leave, pop him in his pjs and then he should just sleep on the way back and you cantransfer him over. That's what we do when I visit my parents 2hrs30 away and it works fine.
    You've probably made your decision by now anyway but figured I'd add my piece anyway lol.
    I'm sure you'll all have a lovely day whatever image
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