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the weekend

we had a wierd weekend this weekend we packed the boys off to my mums for the weekend and had a lovely day out yesterday then we found out that someone we know died. he was in his 30s and the most wonderful chap you could ever wish to meet. we both knew him from school and although we're not part of his close friends group he was a very popular friendly guy who always had time for everyone, would welcome me to join them if he was out, would always buy a drink, would do anything for his friends and family. he had cancer and the latest diagnosis was not good so it was not entirely unexpected but it is just so devastating to hear the news. there was recently a music night for him in a local village hall and over 400 people came to show their support for him. he leaves a lovely, kind and giving wife and a daughter. parents, nephews. his business partner was my best from school and he is just in pieces. everyone called him hairy cos he had long hair and a big beard but he had lost his hair with the chemo. its just so sad. the world lost someone special this weekend and the small town i live in will be less of a place because of it.
today was my birthday and to be honest it didn't really feel much like my birthday. when i was 4 my dad was sick of cancer and died just after my birthday. its kind of stayed with me and its only in recent years since i had my boys that i've made anything of my birthday.
about 11.30 today there was an ambulance outside our neighbours - 2 flats down and there is a girl that worked at my sons pre-school. well she had a baby. how fantastic for her. 2 ambulances and a midwife up in the top floor flat. deja vu. i spoke to the midwife and asked how she was and if it was a boy or a girl. she said she was fine but she couldn't tell me if it was a girl or a boy. i said there must be something in the water in our street as i'd ended up having my baby at home too and she said yes i was the midwife! how embarrassing lol i hadn't recognised her at all! she thought when she'd turned up she was going to the same place.
so this weekend a death a birthday and a birth. strange.


  • A very weird weekend indeed..... not sure I'd recognise any of the midwives I've had either!
    Sorry to hear about the young bloke - Its always so sad when its someone young with so much more to give.
    I hope you were able to celebrate your birthday in some way. Happy birthday again. Big hugs xx
  • oh goodness what a weekend as you say!

    I hope things get better and sorry to hear about the death - it's never easy whoever it is but when it is someone young and vibrate it seems harder!

    I WILL send you a letter soon - sorry I have been so useless! image
  • yeah i'd of recognised the other midwife i had cos she was my community m/w but this one was the one that went in the ambulance with me. i had areally lovely day out on saturday thanks - it was just nice to have some adult time. we were supposed to be going out to dinner but we just didn't feel like it so we had a takeaway instead and actually that was really nice anyway.
    we're having a dispute with our neighbours at the moment and they'd shoved a letter through our door this morning which wasn't very nice but i think maybe it just seemed worse because we were upset anyway.
    i posted my condolances to his wife on fb and it just seems so innappropriate and useless and yet i didn't want to not acknowledge it.
    don't worry charli - i think you've had your hands full with everything else thats been going on!
  • Really sorry about the loss of your friend, it is so sad when someone dies that still has so much more to give.
    Belated birthday wishes, sorry to hear you didn't feel like celebrating. It must have been devastating losing your Dad at such a young age so I can understand why the time around your birthday is filled more with thoughts of him. But you should remember what a special time your arrival into this world will have been to your dad, and how happy you will have made him and celebrate as I am sure he would want you to. xxxx
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