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I am soo pissed i could scream. Im really annoyed at myself mostly as this morning MIL left phone here & i looked at it. I feel so bad im not usually like that at all, but i was suspicious that i get talked about behind my back. And i was right. There were msgs from SIL to MIL and vice versa, basically counting down the time until we go. And then one from MIL to SIL saying i would make a drama out of something.
I really could cry if i wasnt so angry. Ive kept my mouth shut all year, let my family get treated like shit just so there isnt a huge argument, and thats the thanks i get. They both treat me like shit anyway, im just so upset with them and annoyed with myself for being stupid and looking as i cant do anything about it! Really upset as ive never ever done anything to them image((


  • OMG! What are you going to do?? I'd have to say something but without her knowing that you've looked at her 'oh I bet you're counting down the days til we leave' said in a jokey way. See if she blushes or gets flustered.
    How long do you have left now? Not long is it? Hope it doesn't drag for you.
    Mil and sil sound horrible. x
  • Thanks Ali. Yes i thought about saying that exact same thing, I may do today. I just stayed out of her way last night as i was so angry, so didnt really speak to her. We only have a week left! But hubby away with work for four of those days so i'll be taking lo to my mums as i dont wanna be here without him, theyre so nasty image xx
  • Oh hun, I read this last night but just didn't know what to say! I can't believe what a cow bag she is! Have you said anything to your hubby? I guess it is hard to say anything without admitting you were looking through her phone.

    Just focus on the fact you are going to be out of there in a week and hopefully you won't have to see her again for a long time!!!!!!
    Big hug coming your way, maybe slip some salt in her tea before you go!! xxx
  • I told hubby last night and he was really pissed off at her & SIL, said he doesnt want anything to do with them after this week.
    Also, i think lije has picked up on my feelings as hubby got up with him this morning & said that he pushed MILs hand away and shut the door on her when she tried to pick him up! I will grin and bear it this week but never gonna put my family through this again, would rather be in a bedsit xxx
  • Have anyhtinyou said - sorry been attacked by Gracie! - have you said anything today?
    So glad you only have
    imagel;lp (again!) a week left. x
  • OMFG - just totally outraged for you but sounds so like my il's! (I have the sil's wedding in a week so I am sure there will be more about that soon!)

    Try and just ride it out - crossed off the days!!! image
  • Thanks for support everyone, made me feel alot better about feeling so angry image Havent said anything, for hubbys benefit really as he hates confrontation. Only a week so i can just about do it! yay xx
  • keep counting the days - will be thinking of you.
  • oh my god - i woudl never normally do that BUT to be fair if i was in your situation i would of def been temped!!!! do you know what i hate confrontation BUT i think i would have to say something even when your gone - just like i know i should never have done it and i regret it as it's hurt me so much what have i done to you??? and then youve had your say and leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    stupid cow xx
  • Omg what a cow!! So glad you are out of there soon..and good for Elijah shutting the door on her

    Hope the move goes well
  • 'eugh' mils are so meeeeean! Counting down the days you shouldn't take too personally as she's counting down her son and grandson leaving too and let's face it your counting down the days too haha! It's unfortunate you found out in a way you can't confront her but great you could tell oh without him taking the moral high ground or anything. I'm so sorry things have gone sour with them but at least your oh is on your side and you can move out knowing YOUR family all feel the same, just grin and bear it, not long now and then you can make them feel as unwelcome as they've made you feel. Wishing you well in your new home where life as a family can really start for you, good luck and chin up x
  • thankyou! Am gonna keep mouth shut, hubby away on school trip until thurs so i dont want any ore tension than there already is, with him not being here.
    I am totally counting the days, i was just so upset as i cant even think of anything i have done to upset her, so its just blatantly horrible! Anyway, not long! Think it will be the longest week of my life! x
  • Just being the apple of her sons eye is probably enough, some women want to be the 'be all and end all', and they're usually referred to as mils!!!!! Good luck not long now then yeeeeeeee ha image
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